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Gay and Godless on the Public-School Stage

will_8080 Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 3:42 PM
The Founders that were Deists didn't believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. Ergo, they were not Christians.
Joycey Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 4:01 PM
RockinRickOwen Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 3:47 PM
You know, Einstein, I just said something like that. To be more precise, NOT ALL the Founders were Christian. SOME were Deists. But even if all were, my point would still stand. You're obviously literate, but can you READ?
Liberals who demand church-state separation would pitch a fit if a public school decided to perform a play that reverently told stories of the Old Testament, whether it was the story of creation, the story of Noah, or Moses or Joseph and his brothers.

But somehow, if a public school decides to put on a play mocking God and the Old Testament, that is not a church-state violation. The separation police don't want religious (or atheist) minorities to face religious indoctrination in a public school. But anti-religious indoctrination mocking the Judeo-Christian majority is a glorious festival of free speech.

Take, for example,...