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The GOP moderates and establishment are ready to pass a clean bill but John Boehner CAN'T SAY NO to the newcomer insurgent Tea Party minority holding the party hostage (a bloc of about 30-40 House thugs who've executed a sort of coup d'etat). This faction must now be ruthlessly CRUSHED for the sake of the country. Boehner is a weak, spineless "leader". Let's hope he can find his backbone.
I wish John McCain (the Maverick) was put in front of a microphone right now. I'd love to know his feelings on the House Tea Party faction. And what he thinks of Ted Cruz right now. I need some straight talk!
Karl Rove is saying that republicans must stick together and stand united. Now that they've lit themselves on fire, it does no good to blame and in-fight. Now is not the time to purge. The Tea Party must not make Boehner the next Tea Party victim right now. Boehner's future should not be at issue right now. It is important to give the appearance of a united front.
I love this explanation regarding divisions in the GOP: ----- In most epic battles with a Democratic president, Republicans would swallow their own internal differences and close ranks against their common foe. But that’s not the case in this showdown: Many Republicans are personally invested in their previous argument that the party was headed toward ruin if it shut down the government over Obamacare. Put it this way: If Republicans emerge victorious from this struggle, McCain will have to admit Sen. Ted Cruz was right.
Well, New Jersey and Virginia should be the next states to legalize gay marriage. I wonder: is "marriage is between one man and one woman" going to be part of the 2016 primary \campaign? Or is it pretty much over?
Fox News is trying to rebranding the shutdown as a SLIMDOWN -- because Fox knows the GOP is receiving the blame.
I want more stories about the widening split in Boehner's House -- the go-along-get-along attitude of the establishment GOP and the domestic terrorist-like tactics of the Tea Partiers.
ooh. 59% to 19% oppose defunding ObamaCare if that means shutting down the government. You teabaggers overplayed your already weak hand.
Oh, the Tea Party is still there, right? For some reason I have them erased from my mind and run out of town on a rail by angry citizens. I see a CLEAN bill coming. A huge majority of Americans say republicans should not be adding ObamaCare into the government spending bill. They know what's up. :)
The Senate passed a clean version of this bill (w/ no unrelated issues like ObamaCare attached) and the House leadership is blocking a straight up or down vote on the clean bill. This is why Americans are blaming obstructionist Tea Partiers. I think the Tea Partiers have pretty much jumped the shark this time.
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