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Legal Pot Could Be Contagious: Colorado and Washington Show Us the Way Out of the Senseless War on Marijuana

Will352 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 2:22 PM
Jacob,I agree it would save the country billions to allow it, as has been shown in other countries.In the Netherlands,once it was legalized, the use of other drugs dropped dramatically. Yet most Americans remain unaware and still believe the fear mongering that it is a 'gateway drug'. In Portugal,I think it was, where all drugs were decriminalized, and addiction was treated as a medical,rather than a legal,problem,not only have people been increasingly getting away from the drug use, but new cases of HIV have dramatically dropped. Unfotunately,in our own country,it is still all about the money. As long as our elected officials continue to make millions from both the war on drugs and support of the violent drug cartels,nothing will change.
george293 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 2:40 PM
In Portugal - 10 years after the decriminalized drug use - ALL drug use, the amount of use has dropped by 50%. Exactly the opposite of what the fear mongers have been preaching for the last 40 years.
Shortly before the House of Representatives approved a federal ban on marijuana in 1937, the Republican minority leader, Bertrand Snell of New York, confessed, "I do not know anything about the bill." The Democratic majority leader, Sam Rayburn of Texas, educated him. "It has something to do with something that is called marihuana," Rayburn said. "I believe it is a narcotic of some kind."

Seventy-five years, millions of arrests and billions of dollars later, we are still living with the consequences of that ignorant, ill-considered decision, which nationalized a policy that punishes peaceful people and squanders taxpayer money in a blind vendetta...