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And do you think you are perfectly safe with the government knowing all of your financial and bank account information, entered into a website that security experts have testified, under oath, before congress is rife with security issues, as required by Democrats on Obamacare? Make sure you sign up now, identity thieves are counting on it.
Pitiful aren't they? The zombies such as catball, sybil, etc. have no mind of their own, as they have ceded their minds to their 'collective' long ago. They fear the thought of looking up actual facts, or having an independent thought, as that might get them excoriated by their group. Therefore, they know nothing other than the spin and outright lies they are spoon-fed by said collective, which they preach at every opportunity with fervent political correctness. And though I pity them, they are a danger to themselves and society as a whole, and in order to prevent the destruction of a civil society, it becomes necessary to somehow seperate them, where they can do no more damage. Any ideas?
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Sorry About Calling You 'Uncle Tom'

Will352 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 4:36 PM
Barber sounds like one that knows a thing or two about ventriloquist dummies. Who's pulling his strings?
Uhh, that's a 'new' theory? Seems like we've been hearing it since his 2007 campaign started. But then, reality has always been a problem for progressives.
Is this the same Pelosi that was recently telling us what a success the healthcare website is, with all of the millions that have enrolled? My only question is, is it the prozac or the botox that got her into this condition? Or perhaps the mental disorder of liberalism?
As usual, liberals are all about 'protecting the children' unless it's one of theirs that is 'inconvenient'.
No, they've always been at war with Eastasia. Is Minitrue falling behind again? Damn those unions!
The loony left is big on projection, aren't they? Hoplophobics like Tg calling gun owners fearful, for example. No, wait, hoplophobic isn't the right term, after all, they do coddle their Democrat supporting criminals that kill with illegal guns, while only going after legal owners. Seems like what they are really petrified of is well deserved retribution, from real Americans, whom are waking up and getting sick of watching them turn our nation into everything that too many American patriots gave their all fighting against. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
Progressives have been against homeschooling for years. Face it, home schooled kids don't receive the same indoctrination, and as they tend to come out far ahead of state educated kids, might be educated enough to ask questions that are inconvenient to the left.
The impeachment proceeding would not make it through the Democrat-controlled senate, and would just wind up being used against the Republicans. Hopefully after next November, Repubs will gain control and will be able to take action.
Lil'Low must have missed the news about the Pentagon report, detailing the $150 million sent to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that her hero stands accused by the World Criminal Court of crimes against humanity. Almost wish they could extradite and try him, but that would put us all under their jurisdiction as well.
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