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WHERE on God's earth do you get these statistics? Once again, Southern White Trash fundamentalists pretending that they actually have something of value to bring to this discussion. For SHAME!!
Enormous applause for your brilliant comments Du2!! Thank you for saying, in such an articulate way, what needs to be said
Oh West Texas .. with every statement you make, you show what you are all about. More Southern White Trash.
WHY is it SO OFTEN Southern Trash that comes up with these utterly ignorant and unprovable statements? You fools can't even come up with an iota of proof to back up your inflammatory lies .. but because you don't mingle with decent society (nor are you welcome to), people in your white trash world read and listen to your statements as though they were God's truth. For SHAME!!
Prove it, you damn liar!! Is there NOTHING that you people can actually say about gay people that's the TRUTH? At the end of the day you only make yourselves look bad. I have never EVER known a single gay pedophile. On the other hand, there is seldom a week that goes by without a report of a heterosexual (both Male and Female) being arrested for pedophilia.
Beethoven you are a FOOL to call homosexual parents "artificial". What kind of an ignorant FOOL would call adoptive parents or those who use in vitro or surrogate options ARTIFICIL? You do know that MANY heterosexual parents use those methods as well, don't you? WHAT IGNORANCE!!!!!
K'ssandra .. once again .. AMEN. There are any number of those situations .. as well as any number of heterosexual pedophilia assaults. It's pretty desperate to claim that mainstream media is just trying to cover up any negative news dealing with the LGBT community.
Larue .. you are saying that all the mainstream media is committed to covering up any negative news dealing with the LGBT community because they only want to shed positive light on us? Are you FREAKING nuts? For that ONE story of a double murder, I can name you SEVERAL with well known names of heterosexuals who have done the same and worse. TRULY your post is pathetic .. and I'm not being a typical inflammatory troll when I say that. You sound really desperate to me.
Brown is a master at selling SCHMUCK ... nothing more. If he wasn't doing this, he would be sought after by The National Enquirer or other trash publications because he knows how to get certain segments of society to swallow his garbage. Be assured that no one of any consequence pays any attention to "Dr" Brown or his traveling Snake Oil Show.
Precisely K'ssandra. I have lived here in SF most of my life and no one I know has ever heard of him.
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