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Legal Immigrant Speaks Against Gun Control: Shootings a Result of Decay

Will208 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 11:15 PM
Mr. Ong is exactly correct that a FREE people only needs to make the mistake of giving up their rights only ONCE to find out what they've lost will never be given back to them, they will have to kill those who took those rights away to retreave FREEDOM and LIBERTY. That's why I have been writing for years to those who'll listen that our 2nd Amendment rights(not needs) must be taken back from those in our government who believes they are no longer necessary for a safe society.That's where the government is wrong. Obama needs to be told "You will no longer take any more rights from us, and if you do we will take those rights back by force of arms!" And see how he likes that. No one in Washington will tell this man "NO".

During a recent public hearing in Hartford, Connecticut about gun violence, the same hearing where the Sandy Hook father explained why his daughter is safer at home where he can protect her with firearms than at school, legal immigrant Henson Ong argued against gun control legislation being proposed in the state. Ong cited American history, the Los Angeles riots of the 1990s and tyranny overseas as examples as to why the Second Amendment is needed. He also pointed out that the United States has a long history of gun ownership ranging from high school rifle teams to hunting, yet...