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GAO Report: ObamaCare Will Add $6.2 Trillion to Long-Term Deficit

Will208 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 7:55 PM
I want everyone to look up these two guys that is usually put together as a destructive method of bringing down a government in the name of taking care of the needy. But it's a lie on purpose. It's causes the government to emplode from the weight of benefits paid out to people who aren't paying in. It's called "Cloward-Piven". Look this up, you can type it in like you see it here and all kinds of terrible stuff will come up. In the first year of Obama taking office in 2009, Obama gave a fancy awards ceremony for some Socialists buddies of his. One of them was Mr. Piven, due to the fact that Mr. Cloward had died, thank God. But it was the fact that Obama was giving an award for "exceptional economic accomplishment" during his career.

Well in a not-so-surprising report from the Government Accountability Office, it turns out that ObamaCare is estimated to add another $6.2 trillion to the long-term deficit. The National Review says,

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who requested the report, revealed the findings this morning at a Senate Budget Committee hearing. The report, he said, “confirms everything critics and Republicans were saying about the faults of this bill,” and “dramatically proves that the promises made assuring the nation that the largest new entitlement program in history would not add one dime to the deficit were false.”

President Obama and...

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