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Obama and this general from the chief of staff are saying they didn't negotiate with terrorists for the release of the five terrorists. They are telling the truth. The person who did the negotiating was ERIC HOLDER! His law firm has the most lawyers representing terrorists and he has direct connection to the Taliban by way of Obama declaring them a "political party" some years ago, and we should not be killing them but rather negotiating with them to end the violance in Afghanistan. John Kerry knows who it was who did the negotiating and could have even been John Kerry since that's what he is doing in the middle east anyway. So, with Holders direct connections with terrorists and Kerry's license to go to anyone in the war zone and be able to meet with them, that is how Obama "stays above the fray" like has been said about how Obama manages to hide the smoking gun in these dealings.
And you can believe that Kieckhefer is in Reid's back pocket and so is this judge. I believe that people like Kieckhefer who run as a Republican have no record of being what Republican's are supposed to be. I'll bet if you check Kieckhefer's record you'll find he's not a Republican but a Democrat Socialist like Reid. Except Reid is not a Socialist, he's a Nazi. Can't you see that little weasel in a black SS uniform torturing someone with a pair of plier's?
All American people want is for our immigration laws to be enforced. We don't want them "reformed". We want them enforced. We don't want them changed unless you are talking about deporting more, and using the military to attack MS-13 gangs up in New Jersey. And what the heck are they doing in New Jersey? It doesn't matter. Here's the first few minutes of the life of a illegal as soon as he's inside our country. Mostly there are Mexican's everywhere in all those towns along our border. All he has to do is to ask the first Mexican looking person, like that would be real hard to miss, where he can stay. Then he is told where to show up for work in the morning. And that's it, he's on his way to happiness and freedom. You know who the most truely free people are in America? A illegal Mexican alien. He gets to keep his whole paycheck. He doesn't owe any taxes. He gets to stay where ever he wants with people who will take care of him and feed and cloth him. And after he's been here for a short while he can apply for benefits and even gets thousands of dollars in income tax refunds and doesn't even have to admit what nationality he is to anyone. If he gets stopped by the police, he's immediately released with no questions asked. We aren't even that free, and most never have been that free even from my age group, and we lived at a time when we were freer than most people half our age never have experienced.
Ohhh, but liberals are thinking, "he must be a racist." No, I'm not a racist! I am a American who doesn't believe we ought to be taking in some corrupt countries poor and ignorant because their government doesn't want to take care of them like they are supposed to. What? They don't get enough money from us every year? And we have to buy their oil???
And why is it we only hear about some huge tunnel found coming out of the ground in San Diego, in some warehouse that had railroad tracks in it coming out of Mexico, on the internet? You know who does that? Hezbulah. They are the tunnel diggers. They are the ones who dug all those tunnels into Israel when the fighting started in Lebennon. And why is it we only hear about the huge Hezbulah base camp just on the other side of the Mexican border, on the internet? Why haven't we heard about "...B-52's bombed a Hezbulah base camp inside of Mexico today...", "The thunderous sound was heard as far away as L.A.." "People there thought it was going to rain. When our military was asked about the raid they said the only thing it was "raining" was 500 pounders!!" Ha! Ha! Ha! This is the only kind of news I want to hear about Mexico. And how much oil they GAVE us to get us to stop bombing them. And how many more of their people are they getting to come back to Mexico with promises of jobs, relocation costs, schools, etc.. And no more "foreign aid" either!!!
We need to attack Mexico RIGHT NOW!!! They have no right to be doing all they do to us, any of us. We should have blank authority to go right into their country and they can't do a thing about it. For all they owe us? We've already had one war with them. And who would they call to come help them? They are on the most terrible terms with everyone of their neighbors including us. WE'D ROLL RIGHT OVER THEM. Then I would make a five mile "no man's land" up to our border. If you're caught in that zone, it's a "free fire zone", like we had in Vietnam. It's where you can fire ordinance any time you want. God help you if you're in it.
There is alot of opposition to putting the military down on the border to take over the protection of our border. People are saying, "What, the border patrol isn't doing a good enough job? There have been many dedicated people who've worked very hard to keep illegals out of the country and don't deserve to be dumped." Well, welcome to 2014! People who've spent the better part of their working lives have lost not only their jobs, but everything they had worked so hard to get to be able to take care of them and their families. And the border agents won't be any different. The only reason why they are putting up a fight is because if the military did take over their job, the border agents would probably loose their "pensions". It's a union! okay. The union doesn't want to loose all that money. They use that money to ply Democrat politician's for more money to stay in business with the illegal activities of the Mexican government and local police, local Mexican politician's and who knows who. And don't tell me that the border patrol isn't eyeball deep in the drug trade! You better believe it. If I was in charge I would arrest everyone above the rank of sergeant, and if you used to be a Mexican national who became a nationalized citizen, you would be fired and then arrested for investigation with drug dealers in Mexico. Did you know that the supervisor of Ramos and Compean KNEW the familiy of the dope dealer who was brought into the US to testify against those two agents for doing their job. It was Bush's "dear friend" Johnny Sutton who was the Federal attorney down there who ordered the arrest of those agents. And do you know why? Because if there had been the proper investigation the whole thing would have been split wide open of the drug dealing that Ramos' supervisor was involved in with that punk dope dealer Ramos and Compean ran back into Mexico. Yes, that's right, there is a huge drug dealing syndicate organized by our border patrol and Bush didn't want to rock the boat. Why else did Bush only let those two agents out of prison when Bush left office. He did not have their charges removed from their record. It's a racket carried on by everyone who wants open borders down there. And liberals like Christy who claim that Mexican's only come here for "love" are just idiots who need to have their citizenship revoked and deport them to Mexico and see how they like it. Once the borders were sealed that would mean all you dope heads would have to get straight. No more crack. So I guess that would mean Blacks would have to get a real job. And no more snort at you liberals parties either, or smoke either. The DEA would be looking for pot crops right here in the US. They wouldn't have to go to any country south of the border because it wouldn't be coming here anymore.
Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds ignorant because I wasn't there and I have no idea what was done to save these teens. But c'mon! There was 270 of them!! Are you telling me that no one wanted to go INSIDE the ship to try and open some doors to look for air pockets in order to see if anyone was in a room??!! No, I don't accept that what so ever. If there were survivor's they're dead now because if they were in a air pocket the breathable air is probably gone by now and the kids are all dead. Now, there might be some tough kid who is still hanging on thinking to themselves, "I don't want to die like this. I'm not going to give up, I don't care what I have to do!" It might be days before this kid is found but these divers have to get inside the ship and stop using, "There's to much cargo in the way to get in." as an excuse. I thought the Korean's were tough people? Where's that now when it's needed?
At one time it was said that there were 500 divers in the water. Now, I want to know, with that many there wasn't a single one that knew how to turn a door knob or push a door lever to open a door? With the ship under water even with some air pockets the pressure had to have been equalized to the point where a door would have been easy to open. I heard reports from divers who said they could see bodies through windows but couldn't "get" to them? Yeah, I guess not when you are looking through a window instead of getting your rear end INSIDE the ship and start turning door knobs and pushing levers to open doors to look for SURVIVOR'S!! I don't understand why the authorities have allowed all these teenagers to die! They could have been saved, as many as could have been. There could have been big underwater lights set up in order to give the divers more light coming in through the windows to get light inside so that it would give any survivors hope that someone was coming for them and not give up. But noooo. They just let them die in the dark, wet, cold, scared to death that you were going to die with your classmates, that no one was coming to save. I'm really mad that very little effort was made to save anyone. It was as if they were just sitting around waiting for a body or two to float to the surface, "Oh look! There's another one. Go get it!" Big deal. It's too late, they're dead, forget about it.
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Will208 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 4:46 PM
This is just exactly like Mr. Bundey's problem with armed park Rangers who stole his cows and are forcing the issue until something happens. What will happen is cops will be shot...period. And if they want to go home to their wives and children tonight they will think about what it is they are doing. I'll tell you what drives these men who put on a official uniform every morning and go do what the city hall, state, or federal agency tells them to do. It's that pension. That's it. Not their desire to enforce the laws, clean up crime, protect the public, supposedly, and other law enforcement things. But in the end the decider of whether or not they will do what they are or may have to do in Conn. or Neveda is living long enough to draw that pension when they retire. That's it. Otherwise they have to do what we are having to do and end up with nothing when we retire and they don't want that. Well, we don't want cops taking our guns away based on a unConstitutional decree given out by corrupt politician's. And now the cops are finding out that we aren't going to tolerate that, and we are willing to stand with our guns to protect our rights. And we don't get a pension in the end. We get to live in the secure knowledge that cops are protecting our rights and not city hall or the state capital or the federal government. They are doing the job they are supposed to do and that is leaving us the heck alone and mind their own business. They are supposed to be busting the Mexican Mafia, MS-13, and Black gangbangers dope dealers, and all the hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who are inside our country planning our deaths. Why aren't the cops hunting for them? Instead the cops are trying to take our means of defending ourselves from Muslim terrorists, and other criminals? We could be helping them instead of defending ourselves from them.
Well, what the word "affordable" means in the context of what we hear from liberals all the time is, affordable for poor people. In that context it means...FREE!, but not for anyone except who can prove they are truely poor, but then it goes beyond that and "affordable" means...BLACK. That's right, I said it. All social programs are meant for BLACKS and not most of anyone else. You notice I said "most of anyone", and not "only" Blacks. That's when your application is screutinized as far as what race you are. Mexican's get almost the same consideration as Blacks, but Blacks by far get consideration beyond anything else about their situation or condition. If you go down to the housing department the first thing you'll notice is the place is full of Blacks. Then as you look for the counter where you would need to go to get the paperwork, you'll notice that the people behind the counter are also Black. The system is being gamed by Blacks and it's for their benefit that the system exists. This was all constructed by Democrats in order to have a class of people that they can depend on to vote for them permanently. That's why when White people who find themselves out on the street won't get the kind of treatment that Black people would get from these offices. And when a White person tries to get the benefits that they would get according to their situation, they find that there are a ton of rules, regulations, and specifics that they will have to adhere to in order to get the benefits they are "entitled" to. Except there's a catch. When Blacks are running things, they have always believed that Whites have what they've got because they went around the rules and got their friends behind the counter to pull strings for them to avoid the rules and the reg's, and the laws. Of course none of that is true, but most Blacks have that attitude about Whites. Now, as soon as Blacks get behind the counter they make dang sure that when a White wants something that they have to follow every single, tiniest, most trivial, sticking to every letter of the law. See, Blacks are going to make dang sure that when they are in control that they are going to do things like they believe Whites have always done things. So, they give their people the benefit of going around the laws, the rules, they tell their Black friends and family members, and those Blacks standing on the other side of the counter how to game the system so they can get more. Whites don't get that sort of help. It's because Blacks believe that Whites have gotten enough and now it's their turn.
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