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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Will208 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 4:46 PM
This is just exactly like Mr. Bundey's problem with armed park Rangers who stole his cows and are forcing the issue until something happens. What will happen is cops will be shot...period. And if they want to go home to their wives and children tonight they will think about what it is they are doing. I'll tell you what drives these men who put on a official uniform every morning and go do what the city hall, state, or federal agency tells them to do. It's that pension. That's it. Not their desire to enforce the laws, clean up crime, protect the public, supposedly, and other law enforcement things. But in the end the decider of whether or not they will do what they are or may have to do in Conn. or Neveda is living long enough to draw that pension when they retire. That's it. Otherwise they have to do what we are having to do and end up with nothing when we retire and they don't want that. Well, we don't want cops taking our guns away based on a unConstitutional decree given out by corrupt politician's. And now the cops are finding out that we aren't going to tolerate that, and we are willing to stand with our guns to protect our rights. And we don't get a pension in the end. We get to live in the secure knowledge that cops are protecting our rights and not city hall or the state capital or the federal government. They are doing the job they are supposed to do and that is leaving us the heck alone and mind their own business. They are supposed to be busting the Mexican Mafia, MS-13, and Black gangbangers dope dealers, and all the hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who are inside our country planning our deaths. Why aren't the cops hunting for them? Instead the cops are trying to take our means of defending ourselves from Muslim terrorists, and other criminals? We could be helping them instead of defending ourselves from them.
Well, what the word "affordable" means in the context of what we hear from liberals all the time is, affordable for poor people. In that context it means...FREE!, but not for anyone except who can prove they are truely poor, but then it goes beyond that and "affordable" means...BLACK. That's right, I said it. All social programs are meant for BLACKS and not most of anyone else. You notice I said "most of anyone", and not "only" Blacks. That's when your application is screutinized as far as what race you are. Mexican's get almost the same consideration as Blacks, but Blacks by far get consideration beyond anything else about their situation or condition. If you go down to the housing department the first thing you'll notice is the place is full of Blacks. Then as you look for the counter where you would need to go to get the paperwork, you'll notice that the people behind the counter are also Black. The system is being gamed by Blacks and it's for their benefit that the system exists. This was all constructed by Democrats in order to have a class of people that they can depend on to vote for them permanently. That's why when White people who find themselves out on the street won't get the kind of treatment that Black people would get from these offices. And when a White person tries to get the benefits that they would get according to their situation, they find that there are a ton of rules, regulations, and specifics that they will have to adhere to in order to get the benefits they are "entitled" to. Except there's a catch. When Blacks are running things, they have always believed that Whites have what they've got because they went around the rules and got their friends behind the counter to pull strings for them to avoid the rules and the reg's, and the laws. Of course none of that is true, but most Blacks have that attitude about Whites. Now, as soon as Blacks get behind the counter they make dang sure that when a White wants something that they have to follow every single, tiniest, most trivial, sticking to every letter of the law. See, Blacks are going to make dang sure that when they are in control that they are going to do things like they believe Whites have always done things. So, they give their people the benefit of going around the laws, the rules, they tell their Black friends and family members, and those Blacks standing on the other side of the counter how to game the system so they can get more. Whites don't get that sort of help. It's because Blacks believe that Whites have gotten enough and now it's their turn.
Verycold, it's like someone said, that if Socialism and Communism was so good, supposedly better than our way of government, places like North Korea would be a super power paradise.
Yeah, I was reminded that it was called the, "Second Bill of Rights". Ohh, it sounds soo good doesn't it? You won't have to "work so much", you won't have to "work at dead end jobs", worrying about what will happen to your health insurance if you quit or get laid off. Well, of course those are things we all worry about. And it's the fault of both parties that we haven't had the problem of "insurance portability" solved a long, long time ago. They've known about it for decades and were probably on the take from the insurance companies not to pass a law like that because it would take the insurance companies "exclusivity" away from them and make it like all other companies who have to compete in an open market. Some companies don't like to compete fairly with other companies that sell the same things as they do, and go to the government with campaign contributions to get favortism laws passed in to their advantage. And this is what Republican's are always getting blamed for when they favor some businesses over others. And guess what, the Democrats got a Supreme Court ruling in their favor for decades giving certain big corporations favor over others. And it didn't have a dang thing to do with "foreign competition" we hear about all the time giving our companies problems in the so called "world market". You know there's no such thing as the world market don't you? It's our companies over seas competing with companies that make the same thing but are stuck here in the States under all the taxes and regulations. That is the only foreign competition we have.
If you people will recall President Roosevelts talk about his "New Bill of Rights" during his term during WWII, he talked about people "...had the right to affordable housing...", he also said that, "...people had the right to a LIVING WAGE...", and of course we're dealing with these very things right now. And he spoke of the biggy, "...people have the right to AFFORDABLE healthcare...". Sounds rather similar doesn't it? And if you look at who is always talking about these things are...Socialists, and Communists! They are the only one's who don't believe that people should have the right to provide for themselves and their families with what's available on the open market that everyone else has the same access to. They are the only one's who don't believe that work is what a person needs so that they get the chance to EARN the money to buy what they want instead of expecting the government to provide all. But that is the deal see, and that is all these rights that the New York mayor talks about and so does Obama, all these rights cost money and takes a big government to provide.
This misinformation about there's no difference between how children turn out when raised by a father and mother and how they turn out when raised by two people of the same sex. Well, that is just bunk! It's obvious that this "therory" was proposed by a leftist whose religion is being so open minded that their brains fell out a long time ago. Yeah, I know that's a tired cliche, but it's true. Liberals haven't been right about anything because they're Socialist and espouse Socialism. The brain washing of our children which takes place in the "public schools" is to teach our children that lie about there being no difference between a kid who has two fathers and one who has two mothers. There is a huge difference in how the kids turn out by being raised by a father and a mother since that's how GOD planned it. And liberalism cannot refute anything that God has done on Earth, especially when it comes to man and woman. They just want you to think that they have outdone God in every way. Homosexuals and Lesbian's are psychologically ill, and there is recently been statements made by college professor's who have said as much. See, the Supreme Court had homosexuality and lesbianism on the list of psychologic illnesses until 1962 when it was removed under pressure from the "gay" activists who claimed they should be equal to everyone else. Well, this is what I believe and that is unless homosexuals are a new race or species of human being they aren't any different than any other person who is ill. There is nothing that can be put on a "gay" person because it is their "nature" to walk around like they do made up like a woman but claim they hate women, and do what they do which us unnatural having sex in the anus of another man. None is that is normal so that is the reason why society cannot allow mentally ill people who do those things to pervert what has been known for the past ten thousand years as that way mankind has probagated himself.
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Figures on government spending and debt

Will208 Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 9:56 PM
The one thing the don't want us to know is, WE DON'T OWE A DIME BEYOND WHAT THE CONSTITUTION REQUIRES THE GOVERNMENT TO COLLECT. Forget about all that bogus "income tax" thing, that was unConstitutional, Social Security, that's unConstitutional, and all the other spending that has been declared Constitutional is unConstitutional otherwise it would have been funded. The one thing left off the chart is the amount of "unfunded liabilities" is around $110 Trillion dollars, or the amount spent by our government to win, WORLD WAR TWO!!! Have we won any wars lately? The "war on poverty" initiated by Lyndon Johnson? Are you crazy? That wasn't a war, that was "repairations" to Blacks to stop them from rioting and burning businesses and neighborhoods down. More money has been spent on social and domestic programs to take care of Blacks than ever was spent on taking care of our vets, and Blacks have received about 6 Trillion dollars to date. Are they don't any better than they were in 1963? Not very much. When the big banks and China send us the bill no one is going to be able to pay it and that's when they will take everything that isn't nailed down. America will be a economic wasteland.
Oh yeah, and while your sending thousands of good paying jobs that could help bring THIS nation back from the brink of destruction, are you on India's case about pollution like you are here in America about all the pollution we're causing??? No, I guess not. It's because of that mountain size pile of money in front of him that's blocking his seeing all the black air in India from all that industrialization that Gates and others have helped India cause. Yeah, I guess Gates the sudden devotee of clean air should be called "green air" from all the money being thrown at India by all these major AMERICAN corporations in all these foreign countries. You know there's no such thing as the "world market" don't you? It's all the American corporations in all these foreign countries sending products made for penny's on the dollar of investment, back to America for American consumers. Sure there are other foreign countries there in India taking advantage of cheap labor for them to. They're not stupid you know. But as far as the "world market" being the reason why American's can't compete due to our high wages and benefits that prevent the companies we work for doing as well as the one's in those foreign countries, are the ONLY "foreign" competition we have. The American corporations that went overseas are the only competition we have. Not some two bit third world country putting us out of business. Oh no. If it were we'd see companies expanding into our markets right here in America. Seen any Russian car companies selling their cars lately? No. Do you see washing machines for sale at Best Buy from Zembabway? Or where ever, I don't really give a dime. But that's my point. There aren't any of the "world market" in America. Just American corporations products made in India, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, and all the African and Southeast Asia countries. Go to Sears or Penney's and look at some of the countries all those clothes are made, but they are made for the Sears corporation, not some Ukranian company, making products for Ukranian's, who have done well enough to expand into foreign markets like in America. No, you won't see tractor's made in the Ukrane for sale in Nebraska. So blow more hot air Bill about how wonderful India is and how much money you're going to make over there. But just remember this, you hipocrit, everytime you make speeches about how bad the air is over here, remember you are contributing to all that bad air in your beloved India.
Nancy, why don't you just shut the hell up?!! I'll bet if we held a big ralley in Washington againt ObamaCare now, and most of the crowd was made up of the very people who lost their insurance because of ObamaCare and her using that big gavel to pass the bill, she wouldn't have the guts to walk through people with the other Socialist Communist Democrats that accompanied you that day. I'll bet wouldn't even come outside. I'll bet you wouldn't even come out from underneth your desk, if we showed up this time to take it out of your hide for all the lies you preach all the time about the "Affordable Healthcare Act", that's not affordable for anyone. I want to know, Nancy, has anyone started collecting their subsidy for the insurance they've chosen? Huh? I haven't heard of anyone even getting that far on the site yet. And what was the number of people who've "signed up"? Does "signing up" mean the same thing as just certain people who've had to fill in all their information on themselves just to get into the site? Or is that really the number of people who've gone on the site, worked through all the rigamarow, got coverage, and have started going back their doctor and have access to the hospital they once could?? No? Well what do you know. You lied!!
That's true, they do work hard. That the point is, that company whoever they are won't hire a Black or any American because we're to expensive to hire. They would have to fill out a ton of paperwork, pay Social Security, all the taxes, provide health insurance, pension, and or 401K, etc. And that gets very expensive after you've got a dozen or so working for you. Now, on the other hand if you hire a Mexican all you have to do is pay them cash at the end of the day. That's it, fini, done, nada, niet, nothing else to worry about.
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