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What these Marxists don't seem to get is, do you think God would create a planet that measly man could even bother? No! God created a planet that has lasted millions of years with what this nut case couldn't possibly understand and it's called a "Dynamic Atmosphere". That means it's constantly changing! That means that due to the Sun and our core temps, ocean currents, and water vapor coming off huge land masses temperatures are constantly changing, atmosphereic gases are constantly changing, and the planet cools and warms at a constant rate. And I'm just a simple former welder who fought in Vietnam so this nut could sit there and make ten times the money I could ever had earned while he wouldn't know which end is which on a M-16 let alone what the planets temp is going to be a hundred years from now.
I'm sorry, but who the hell is Bill Nye? I don't watch anykind of TV news anything, not do I keep up on the Left's celeb's who represent the smallest percentage of people who are nuts in this nation compared to the rest of us who know the difference between an "polar serge" and a "cold front" and Winter and Summer temps. Who decided to give this guy permission to leave the loonie ben and tell the rest of us what things mean and what we're supposed to think about whether the military needs new technology to fight a war with and enemy that doesn't wear any countries uniform, doesn't have a nations flag they fight under, nor holds to anykind of a national belief they have as a cause, like Communists? In other words we're fighting Muslim terrorists who come from all over the world and go to anywhere else in the world and start wars fighting whoever is there to oppose them in their takeover. If you fight people like Muslims then we should be allowed to kill them with whatever kind of weapon we care to kill them with. And what business is it of Bill Nye's what kind of weapons we use to kill our countries enemies? He isn't going to fight, his kids aren't going to have to go to war, our kids are the ones who'll have to go to war to defend this pencil necks' right to sit there like some kind of intellectual with a big bow tie fruit cake and spue his loonie lies and ignorant opinion.
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Must We Have a Dead White Kid?

Will208 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 11:18 PM
If these so called liberal activists, who by the way are all the kids of rich liberals who wouldn't give the time of day to any of the protesting Blacks, all believe that it's what they intend to do by replacing White kids futures with the worthless futures of Mexican illegal aliens and dumb Blacks from their ghettos. If we had done integration right back in the '60's we would have tested the Blacks that were doing well in their schools and only let them into the non-Black public schools. That way we would have got the best of them and they would have gone on to be the kind of leaders and role models that would have prevented these riots and ghetto brawlers we see today. They would not be producing illegitimate losers who see stealing as "taking" whenever they want something that doesn't belong to them. They would be working for what they want like everybody else has done all these years. But nooooo. We have rich White liberals telling us what is best for the rest of society and in changing our culture to brown and black we get those who have no intentions whatsoever to make America a good place to bring up your kids, so long as they aren't White. If they are the only ones who'll make it are the offspring of rich White liberals who are putting themselves as far away economically from Blacks as they can get. The rest of us will be living in one endless ghetto pretty soon.
I'm so sick of the lefts glorification of the perverse, ill, deluded, pschologically untreatable, and unholy ideolgies like single mothers are the guide of young girls in America and the future of parenthood, and the definition of what a family is, the elimination of the word "father" or "Daddies" from kids story books in public schools. Sick and tired. Transgenders argument is, yes, they were born a boy, but their brains are those of a female. What they have decided to do is put the correct body under the brain so the two match. If these mentally ill people believe that they are women then obviously something is wrong with them if they look down and see male genitals. What is wrong with them? I have no idea but I bet a good psychologist would be able to determine what to do to them. What liberals have decided is the best way to deal with these unfortunate people is to just accept what you believe you are and then go about forcing everyone to believe what you are in the way you believe you are. Forget about what a normal person should think first and that is, "Something is wrong with me.", but liberals don't want to accept truth, they just want to accept how "they feel". Well isn't that the problem with everything else liberals support, and force down our throats?
Isn't it just convinent that these records were "lost" so that Obama's butt is covered...again! Since the charge against Lerner stands, and is a violation of the public's rights, she should be arrested, charged with contempt of Congress and put in prison. Also, the heads of the IRS should also be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, contempt of Congress, and Commisioner Koskinen should be charged with lying to a investigation committee, whatever the details of that charge would entail because there is a complex set of requests that the investigation committee made and since he didn't do what he said he would do, then the charge would be according to that. But no excuse or defence from Obama should be accepted to keep these people out of jail, and put their butts in jail and hold them there until records that they claim are "lost" are found, or at least enough of them are found to be able to piece together what was said, when, and to who, and when did they know, and all that. In order to put a halt to liberalisms Socialist progressive moving forward bull**ap, we must start putting serious consequenses on what liberals do and have done all these years that have put the country in peril and established such huge kindoms for people like these heads of departments and people like Obama to be in control of all these little kindoms.
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Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Will208 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 7:19 PM
My God!! Good for her! Now I'm going to write my state representative and tell him again to throw Common Core out, and that he should take a look at what the Gov. of OK has done for her state. She's doing the right thing. She is taking after the things that Mark Levin's book says that is what all the states should be doing.
Whoever said the media would report the truth about Obama's anything? What about his birth certificate? His school records? By the way, they are in the hands of the dean of the University of Chicago locked up in the safe in the library where all the important stuff is kept. Obama put them there because the Dean is a close friend of Obama's who is also a Marxist, probably, and Obama gave him strict orders to not give those personal records of his to anyone unless they have a signed letter from Obama to release them to said person. How do I know this? Because back when Obama was picked by Ted Kennedy to be the Parties candidate for President the media then, before they were corraled by the powers that be, released all that kind of info about Obama because he was Black, he was picked by one of the highest politician's, and he was being supported by George Soros. By the way, Soros was backing Hillary when she started her campaign, but as soon as he heard a Black Communist was being put into the race, he decided that Obama was a better investment than so old has been like Hillary. So he dumped her for this young Black who was a man after his own heart, a commie. And the press who was releasing all they could dig up on this unknown man from Chicago, it was also at the same time that the press went to Kenya where Obama was born to talk to his family members about Obama. That's when they found his aunt who said when asked where Obama was born, "He was born here in Kenya. I was there when he was born." Right after that was when Obama went to Kenya and told his family members not to talk to the media anymore, and when the press went back to Kenya to talk to them somemore they couldn't get anything out of them. It was a long time before we heard about his brother living in a ghetto making a dollar a month. Remember all that? Since the media is in Obama's left pocket and, as I believe, are violating the 1st Amendment in not allowing anyone to tell the truth about Obama's foreign policies, or anything else about his other beliefs about America and what he plans to do to us.
That liar John Kerry and his bogus no man left behind, what about the Marine Sgt. being held captive in Mexico??? And why didn't the Mexican border people be understanding and could see that the guy took a wrong turn and then just redirect him back to where he needed to go to get back to the U.S.? Why was it that they immediately take the position that this man was somekind of criminal who was trying to get away with bringing guns into Mexico and took him captive right off the bat. I understant that Bergdahl left on his own and went to a place where no one in their right mind would want to go, all effort was made to get him back while we leave a active duty soldier in a foreign country with no effort at all to rescue him from hostile forces, the Mexican authorities. What needs to happen is, we need to go to war with Mexico! Not a shooting war but rather one that has the same consequences if Mexico doesn't do what we tell them to do. And why would we take that position? Because the dope and terrorists are coming from THEIR country not ours!! They are the ones who have such a corrupt system and government that they would rather take money from drug dealers and Muslim terrorists that this is how they act when somebody from this country goes to theirs where all the hostile actions take place all the time and anyone would need to be carrying a gun to protect themselves. But the situation in Afghanistan is what you get when the dope dealers and terrorists take over the entire country. So we need to be at war with Mexico as well as any other country that exports dope and/or terrorists to our country.
Just a bit of nostalgia, I'm 65 and can remember "gas wars" between stations across the street from each other to see who could get the most business. They would only do this for a couple of days but, boy, it was fun to see. Now, here's the facts. They would post prices of $.16 a gallon at one station and $.15 at the one across the street! Now for you public school graduates those numbers mean sixteen cents a gallon, and fifteen cents a gallon. When I got out of the Army in 1969 gas was $.28 cents for regular, and $.32 cents a gallon for "premium", which would be like 92 octane now except back then it was leaded gas and the rate was 102 octane. Regular back then was already 92 octane. Over the next couple of decades I watched gas prices go up to $.52, then in the early '70's the government claimed that we were being "embargoed" by the Arabs, who we were supposed to be getting most of our oil to be refined into gasoline, and when that was cut gas went to $.74 a gallon and we had gas lines waiting for ten dollars or ten gallons whichever the station posted according to how much gas he was able to get. That was all a scam. We were only getting 2 or 3 percent of our gas from the Arabs, but it was a chance for the oil companies to rip us off. After the embargo ended gas didn't go back down to $.52 a gallon it only went down a dime or so. But it set the bar for what the government allowed the price to go and it wasn't long before it was $.72 a gallon normally. I hate all these lies coming from the oil companies when they talk about not having enough oil to get the prices down to where they ought to be. Right now the price of gas should be around a $1.25 range per gallon. Why? Because there is so much domestic oil available to the six or so refineries that they are running at about 65 or 70% production rate. What needs to happen is for very small refineries to be built around the country so that this excess of oil available to be made into more gas then the price would go down below $2.25 a gallon. There is so much gasoline made in this country that could bring the price down to that now, but do you know what the oil companies are doing with the excess gasoline? They are selling it overseas instead of lowering the price down below $3.00 a gallon down to maybe even $2.25 normally. But guess who it is who is stopping this from happening that would bring business back to America like many of you have never seen in your life due to your age? The government and the oil companies in bed together to keep the price high and keep business from growing. The other enemy is the U.N. and Agenda 21 that says the U.N. will decide what we are to do with our energy. And it sure ain't to make America strong again.
Obama and this general from the chief of staff are saying they didn't negotiate with terrorists for the release of the five terrorists. They are telling the truth. The person who did the negotiating was ERIC HOLDER! His law firm has the most lawyers representing terrorists and he has direct connection to the Taliban by way of Obama declaring them a "political party" some years ago, and we should not be killing them but rather negotiating with them to end the violance in Afghanistan. John Kerry knows who it was who did the negotiating and could have even been John Kerry since that's what he is doing in the middle east anyway. So, with Holders direct connections with terrorists and Kerry's license to go to anyone in the war zone and be able to meet with them, that is how Obama "stays above the fray" like has been said about how Obama manages to hide the smoking gun in these dealings.
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