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Sorry about that bbb post: but anyway; what they ought to to is a staged "sacrifice" of an eagle egg, to show the murder of an innocent. Wow! Now you'd have the national press and all the TV, Cable stations highlighting the cruel "murder" of an embryo eagle. Yeah! Now you got their attention.
Because he had a fund raiser to attend...
2016; Jan. 1 Headlines: DMV has massive budget overrun due to illegal drivers licenses programs; Gov. Brown signs bill to raise DMV Car Registration by 50%, costing California drivers $1.5 Billion in new taxes....(of course, illegals and felons don't register their cars anyway, they just steal the Year tags from other cars....)
If you believe this; I have some Arizona oceanfront property to sell you...
I don't think there's much flying over the solar arrays either, in the way of migrating birds. I hear they burst into flame. Maybe that's better for them, since it's quicker than being whacked by the wind turbines in White Water/Palm Springs, on their flight south. Liberal elites don't have any moral value base; they choose what is "right", depending on what action/result they desire. To them; the "end" always justifies the "means".
The day I see Gates or Buffet or Obama in line with me at the doctors office; that's the day I'll vote for govt healthcare.
Gee; How about the USA? Go into an emergency room; sit there for a while, and note how many people they see that have no insurance, how many "free" clinics there are in your community; and by the way, did I mention illegal immigrants that get healthcare, maternity services, pre-natal care, food and education? As to "voting out" an entitlement; you're joking right? As entitlements become "rights", more and more people feel they deserve what they don't earn. That's how great civilizations collapse.
So if I'm asked for my registration; I can just tell them that I'm not "illegal", I'm just "undocumented". If this works at the border, it should work on the streets as well....
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Cultivating a Curious Mind

Wiley Post Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 3:12 PM
Well spoken by an "independent thinker”; who hates to hear about an intelligent, successful black man (who doesn’t follow the party line for the democrats). Do I hear an idealog bigot somewhere…..I'm sure that Obama is far more "intelligent" since he knows politics and community organizing, and nothing about pediatric neurosurgery....LOL!
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