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Senate Bill Grants Napolitano Waiver of Border Security Provisions

wildmann Wrote: Jun 24, 2013 11:14 AM
These Mexican Welfare Sucking Bastards, All have Free 'Bama Phones [We Paid/Pay for], and we all Know that All Phones and 'Puters Are Tracked!! Round 'em All Up!! That's what the Mexican Govt. would do to Us, right before the Firing Squad. They can use the Fast and Furious Weapons, and Ammo "Eric The Red" Holder Gave them!Think 'o the Money the Federales will save using our own AR's and .223 ammo to kill us!! Ever been to Mexico?? I block off the main street in ANY Tourist Trap area, and you have Slums that rival anything you've ever seen on National Geographic!! Obama and the Dems are making the U.S. into "Mexico del Norte". Northern Mexico!!