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Merry Christmas: This Tax Increase is for You, America

wildmann Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 1:04 PM
Hey!! DagNabbit The Pfaggot! Aas a retired fForida Corrections Officer I can tell YOU that you are Full of Sheite! Stereotypes exist because there is a LOT OF Truth in them. The Criminal Justice/Prison system lists all Chicos as White, and goes Out of its way TO NOT lock up Black Offenders. Thy do this to try to Achieve a RACIAL BALANCE in the Jails/Prisons. This is a FOOL's Errand, becauseLess than 30% of the Population Committ Over (80% of U.S. Crime!! The Fact that it is the "POOR"Recipients, who get a living Stipend to do Nothing, but Out-Breed the Productive Taxpayers, Is a Fact that you cannot Comprehend! That and Massive Voter Fraud is the Reason for the Re-Ascention of Your Lop-Eared Little Tin God, King Barrack HUSSEIN Obama

Let’s cut right to the end of the story: Ordinary people have already tumbled off the precipice.

There will be no dramatic rescue at the height of the tension, with crashing, ominous music turning to a sunshine ditty, a government handout straining to reach you, to save you from tumbling over the lip of the cliff.

Instead the government is going to intentionally bump into you, making it look like an accident, head turned away, mumbling an apology, much like a pick-pocket does in a crowd, with the object to lift your wallet.      

So, yes; however much they...

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