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That buys a lot of Crack, in Recipient Circles!
Lying Dem Commie !
The Dems practice Taqia, [spelling?] ,Moslems and Dems believe Lying is Good if it furthers the Agenda!
Just watch "Waters World" on The O'Reilly Factor" They interview people on the "street"! The Ignorance of even College Students today is Astounding!! Bill Ayres and Alinsky have Accomplished their Goal!
The Greaser Army Knows that the HNIC won't allow any return fire! They're a bunch of COWARDS. If they even dreamed that there would be return fire, they wouldn't come here, let alone take shots at our Border Patrol!
Being used as a Woman!! That's why they shaved him clean!!
Ever been to the Border Ronnie Phagg?? I didn't make those babies, Mexican Bandits did. The Zhit-Hole Nation that is Mexico is now Here! I hope they take over your Town!
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“White Privilege” Exposed

wildmann Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 2:15 PM
For ALL Govt. jobs, State, Fed. or local, Hires/Promotions There is a Pecking Order. Blacks are #1, Hispanics #2, Asian, #3, Native Americans, On and On- there are, I believe 12 Preferred Racial, Gender, Status [Single Mother, etc] -Preferences! White Males are the last in line! This is not Secret, ask any Human Resource mgr. White Privilege My Rear End! Don't believe this is Systemic, go to Court against anyone Higher than Your self, on the Preferred Minority List! White Folks BUILT This Formerly Great Nation!! If the Preferred Minority Types, Don't LIKE This Fact, Let all the Shinks Dinks, Hadjiis, Padjisi, Kukarachis, Pakis, Hackiis, Simps Gimps, Go Back to their Home Hell Holes!!!
I guess that you had to have gone to School, before the Dept. of [Dis] Education, to know about the Crimean War, and Alfred Lord Tennyson's The "Charge Of the Light Brigade-'into the Valley of Death rode the 600'! When I was in school, we had to read it, and Memorize several stanzas! We are and have raised 2 or more generations of Dysfunctional Idiots.
When are the 2 old Congressional Sheet Bags Pelosi and Reid gonna Croak from Pure Wickedness???
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