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They are dumping their 'Problem People' on us. Gang Bangers, criminals, Ne'er Do Wells! The "Messican" Boat lift, once they hit The River! These are the folks that are Costing their Govt'.s Money! That's why they're shipping them Here!
Biden is not EVIL to the Bone as Darth Obama is!! Biden doesn't HATE America!
As a Retired Fla. State Corr. Officer[17yrs.] I have been posting the fact that if these "Children are over 10 yrs. old, they are either Gang-Bangers, or on the way to being Full Fledged Gang-Bangers! I dealt with these Central American youths Ages [13 -24] in Fla.'s Largest Max Security Youthful Offender Prison! You Have No Idea What You're Dealing With!!!
Change your Name to VonSchwartzhoffen!! If you're German, that has meaning.
If they Voted in BOTH, Primaries, First the Dem, Then the Rep. they have committed Voter Fraud!
Damn Lying Dem!
Obviously You're an Ali Bama-Bot! Admit it!
That buys a lot of Crack, in Recipient Circles!
Lying Dem Commie !
The Dems practice Taqia, [spelling?] ,Moslems and Dems believe Lying is Good if it furthers the Agenda!
Just watch "Waters World" on The O'Reilly Factor" They interview people on the "street"! The Ignorance of even College Students today is Astounding!! Bill Ayres and Alinsky have Accomplished their Goal!
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