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You Got IT!! P/C , and Recipient Race Riots are the only things Keeping this Black Plague in the White House!
I quit going to Restaurants years ago, especially the Chinese Buffets, which I really Like!
Who gives a Flying Copulation about Damned AFRIKA?? Stop the Flights, and Catch the Bastards getting off Planes, at the Airport. Profile 'em! The Problem will disappear! This is another Kenyan Kommie Koon Klown attempt to Declare Martial Law, and Enslave the Opposition Republican Whites!!
That's Discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics, so it will never happen The Dems would Lose votes if the Rules were followed!
Bergdahl's the Gayest looking person I have ever seen in a military Uniform. Perhaps he's one of Obama's Boys??
Buck Ofama and Huck Folder.
Try sneakin' into Mexico!!They've Got Somethin' fer ya an' it ain't Popcorn! [Palomitas en Espanol; ] You'll just Disappear, never to be heard from Again!
Hey Gekko, Go into the Bathroom and get a-hold of Your-Self!! That's the only sex you'll EVER Get ! Phagg Azzed Dem/Commie Obamabot!!
Bet the Byotch isn't even a Legal Citizen.
That way their "Families" here, can Collect AFDC!, as long as they stay in school!
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A Problem Bigger than Ferguson

wildmann Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 3:37 PM
Every Damned "Gangsta' Rap" "song" states F--k The Po-Lice, and you wonder where the Recipient Race "Yuts" get their belligerent Attitude towards Law Enforcement!
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