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The Palins are Proven, Documented AMERICAN Citizens, Unlike your "Little Tin God" Obama!
He bought it from the 'Recipient' Crack Head who Stole it! You can buy any kind of weapon you prefer, on any Street Corner, in "Recipient Town"!
You're out of your RABID AZZED Mind! Daft Taft!
You're out of your RABID AZZED Mind!
5 Million??? More like 50 Million!! I'm not Gonna pay to give Damned Greaser Wetbacks Welfare! You're Damned Right I'm a HATER!
If You Folks believe, that the Only Crime Garner committed, was selling Un-Taxed Cigarettes, you're foolish. That was only one of his Hustles!This guy was a mini crime wave! Be White, get caught selling Bootleg Anything, Then Resist arrest!! Go Ahead, tell the Police "This Stops Here"!! and swat at their hands trying to cuff you! I wanna be there ! Gimmie the Movie Rights!!
The Republicans should Stick the Democrat Changes to Senate Protocol -ie. Filibuster, Nuclear votes, etc. Up The Dem.s' "Ol Wazoos" and BREAK Them Off!!
Whites aren't committing Racial Suicide, Minority Recipients are PAID TO Breed! Having 10 kids costs them Nothing. Everything is Free.
The Kenyan ,Kommie, Koranic, Klown, King, Need to be DEPOSED! It Offends me that anyone named Barrack Hussein Obama is on the American Continent, let alone POTUS!!
The "Hands up!don't Shoot"! Bull-Krap was started by Brown's accomplice!
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