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Did not take Karl Rove the RINO to inform me that Hildibeast was suffering brain damage and was brain bead, this is the only time, recently that I believed anything Rove said.
Try to get tenure in a college and be Christian at the same time. You will be fired first but homosexuals are a Shute in.
Liberals have to be the most ignorant , people in the world. Never heard of anything so stupid.
Buffett is a democrat, the most important thing in his life is to be able to Murder. BABIES.
My high school students like God being in the schools. They pledge the flag--even wear it--and we, teachers would not think of making them turn it inside out. In fact, my students like the second amendment--Madison's version. So when you have God AND the 2nd, well, can't go wrong there!
Then he will have their helicopter shot down to cover it up.
No way Obummer will get his Momma Jeans wet to save a White Man from drowning regardless of who he is.
That has been turned into a Muslim love fest,
This is what FASCIST GOVERNMENTS do. Steal private industries profits while mandating murdering babies,
Did the same thing happen to John Roberts on the issue of Obamacare.
Should have left him in the car.
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