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This is what FASCIST GOVERNMENTS do. Steal private industries profits while mandating murdering babies,
Did the same thing happen to John Roberts on the issue of Obamacare.
Should have left him in the car.
When he votes for Cloture , he votes for the Democrat agenda. You can do something quit voting for liberal ideas.
The only thing McConnell is going to crush is his own Nuts.
New Yorkers voted for an avowed communist for mayor. I have no confidence that they realize the danger that they are becoming totally Fascist, I believe they prefer to be ruled by a Fuhrer, more than a patriot
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Stop Being Stupid!

Wilbor2 Wrote: Mar 01, 2014 1:26 PM
You seem to think liberal Fascist do not make stupid mistakes, like Harry Reed and Nancy Pelocie. You should worry about them not the minute words by Ted Nugent. What Ted said was true and he has defended himself well. We can not tell the truth because Obama is half black what a stupid notion.
Old worn out hag, who pretends to despise men and thinks women should stay away from men, oh! Wait as soon as she got old and could no longer troll she found a rich MAN to provide for her the rest of her. Life. Her womb worked fine for her.
How can the Mexican Government fight Illegal Drug Cartels who have larger, better trained Soldiers armed and Trained by the American Left wing Government. When their anti-drug Politicians and police are assassinated at will. The corruption assisted and encouraged by the Obama regime And homeland security is outrageous. How do you fight the drug cartels when Obama is Arming them.
This is the Soviet Unions Political officer placed in every business and organization to make sure the communist leaders orders are followed.
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