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The book burning started a long time ago, just gets worse with every Fiminazie school superintendent hired,
There was fraud there , that is why the Supreme Court had to get involved the democrats were openly creating phones votes to steal that election and almost succeeded.
Obummer fired or forced retirement on all our war fighting Generals. If he wanted a leader who knows how to fight a war rather than play politically correct games , he would have to bring back one of the retired or fired Generals. Hard for a homosexual or Lesbian to lead men into war.
One thing we do not do is have homosexual sex.if you promise to stay in Kalifornia we promise never to go there. Besides we would not want to interrupt your deviant behavior.
Did you just purchase the Brooklyn bridge,
This is what Attorney General Holder and his Racist DOJ took Millions of our white tax dollars, to Ferguson to teach these Juvenile Bigots.
Kids can not even speak English but they surely have been brainwashed to believe that everything bad that happens to them has to be White peoples fault. Black people can not be racist because they are black. And everything that came out of these kids uneducated mouthes was racism against whites. We will not have to worry about them to many generations, White Liberal Democrats at Planned Parenthood financed by our half white President is murdering them by the millions. What planed parenthood misses the black on black murders take care of a larger portion of their class. White people do not have to do anything, but arm themselves to prevent the black thugs from robbing and killing them thus eliminating more black thugs. At the rate black people are killing each other they will soon go the way go the T-Rex.
Does that mean that the Republicans could take a bunch of Democrat voters without having to pay for, contraception, Abortions , morning after drugs drugs, birth control and all the prophylactic, the girls at college can use.
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Democracy and Ferguson

Wilbor2 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 11:51 AM
Steve Chapman how can you say only 31 reports of voter fraud was investigated and most were wrong, when in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia Etc. 115% and more of black democrat , cities and counties voted 98 to 100% democrat. An impossibility lots of dead and unregistered people voting I would say. Sounds like on of AG Holders investigations of the IRS Scandel.
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Our JV President: Never Saw ISIL Coming

Wilbor2 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 7:25 AM
Are you sure he did not see them coming ? he trained them in Syria, and armed them through Brengazi, I would think he helped them form and Organize . They are just what he wants in the Middle East. Most Muslim, Jihadist, do.
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