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Reject Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Deal

wigglwagon Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 1:53 AM
It is no surprise that America is broke. Our current leaders think it is good business to export factories and import workers. That is exactly opposite of the policies of our leaders in the 40's, 50's, and 60's when America built the biggest and most prosperous economy the world has ever seen.
mjones330 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 4:43 AM
YEA! Wonder we re 16 Trillion in Debt....these mental midgetsthink this Amnesty is a wonderful Idea....this is how Insane the Congress Idiots are...Vote them OUT in 2014.
RiffRaff Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 2:07 AM
Not exporting jobs in a capitalist system would require controls that would probably offend most freedom loving Americans. But, I surely agree, our government should not allow illegal aliens to take work from American citizens. Citizenship has its duties and responsibilities. It should also have rewards, equal opportunity for available jobs without the interference of those here illegally. They are not citizens, they should have no right to work in this country.
mjones330 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 4:45 AM
Sean245 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 7:33 AM
I disagree with your point on exporting jobs. Keeping jobs here in America could be accomplished with eliminating government agencies, a flat corporate tax of 3-5%, reducing hundreds of thousands of regulations and allowing the states to manage their own business climates. Most companies would prefer to stay in the U.S. where they have a common language (at least for now), a stable government, common customs, a good work ethic and the largest consumer market in the world. If it came down to just labor costs there would never have been any U.S. factories, even when Americans made a dollar a day someone would have done the same job for a bowl of rice.

A bi-partisan group of Senators, known as the Gang of 8, have put together a framework for the immigration reform that supposedly America is waiting for.

Provisions of the agreement have been widely leaked and, from what I see, these Senators should return to the drawing board.

If we are going to tackle immigration reform, there should be agreement at the outset on what objectives should be achieved. In my view, there should be three. It should enhance the freedom, fairness, and security of the nation. If not, why bother?

The Gang of 8 proposal makes no gains on any of...