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just more evidence of how stupid the public really is....oddly, my Dad's lefty girlfriend in the Seattle area who sits on a board of a Seattle based company gets it....and that company who makes parts for Boeing is going to move all production to Kent, so. of Seattle... And so will others....these knuckleheads will never learn
One can only hope Benghazi is her demise....don't expect it....the press is so f' ing tin eared....
I shoulda said....'tight face'
Either she has been told to lie with a straight face....or she has now surpassed Patty Murray and Box o Rocks as the dumbest woman in Congress
Numnut can't help it... has no idea what he's typing...he is a typical liberal feelings based jagoff that asks stupid questions then retorts with contradictory answers to his own question... And your answer is exactly why there are fewer people in those jails...the wannabe criminals there...know the outcome if they they get a country club life!
Boy you are a moron....again...maybe that's because this country takes crime more serious....question answered....dumass....oh and btw...I'd bet a months income, that virtually every prisoner in those countries would love to be imprisoned in the US than where they're from...
Really Genius....another stupid statement...You still haven't answered your own question....if they are more serious about crime...why don't they have more of they're population in jail than we do? Don't conflate jail conditions or treatment of prisoners with qty...dumass
NUMNUT below ponders the following question.... "Then why do we have 25% of the people in prison on this planet with only 5% of the population?" Maybe genius....that's because other than the current DOJ, we take crimes more serious than the other 95% of the planet!
Too bad....this doushebag needed to matter what Coulter said
may that doushe who is scheduled for a dirt nap tonight in Texas..... feel the same pain
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Bye, Bye California

WHYUSOSTUPIT Wrote: May 03, 2014 10:28 AM
It'll be an interesting day, when they finally run out of the peoples money.... For is hard to leave the weather....but even harder to leave a long established client base, and have to start over. Unless of course if they all start to move, but I may have to rethink my position, if even they don't move, but stop using my services, because the jack azzes in Sac keep taking more of their disposable income.....
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