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Manageable Problem......Is this doooshebag kidding????
As usual....another lefty who doesn't get it....Prager has his American Trinity, I have my Lefty Quad. Lefties complete lack of 'common sense', 'logic', 'reason', and 'rational'! Dude...the owner does have the right to make the decisions that he thinks is best for him, but the city mgr., does not have a right to make her own decision to white wash the real reason for the request. Had she just been a vegan, the owner probably wouldn't have removed the sign....how many more vegans pass by that sign every day? hmmmm? the only reason this is an issue is this feeble womans announcing her Muslimism...or connection to. and the city mgrs. making a distinction that it wasn't her being Muslim that had anything to do with it....How the F does she know? Again as others have said to you below....you don't get the bigger picture dude....
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No Facts, No Peace

WHYUSOSTUPIT Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 9:50 AM
depends on what country....I'm sure Jackson would have some derogatory term for you....he's never ashamed to use them
good on you for recognizing it....
Really??? Since when has the constitution mattered to this doooshe before...Ramirez's cartoons depicting this knucklehead dancing all over it is the best representation yet...
Albeit...common with Dems, and even some Repubs....this jaggoff knows no bounds to his lies and complete lack of responsibilities...what a dooooshe
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The Devil in Global Warming Details

WHYUSOSTUPIT Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 10:33 AM
your arguing a point that still comes up with the same answer??? why.....it's still less than 2" in 100 yrs... and that's only if the trend continues.....but since the globe has been cooling....now what?
You also need to add the lack of reason and rational....those are the four traits...that I use regularly to describe most on the left, let alone many in general that do not exist in their being The total inability to remotely think clearly!
Great for you dude....but many does not mean most or near half for that matter....and of course just because you like it....doesn't negate what she she said....the only reason soccer viewing is up, is as she said....the massive influx of immigrants from Mexico and central America is what is driving the increase of viewers
this is absolute complete bull @#$& What lengths the left will go to...to lie cheat and steal is.... just when you thought you'd seen it all
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