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Two Democrats and eight Republicans stayed in attendance. More important than who stayed is the fact that then Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton declared that four Americans being killed when the U.S. Embassy was attacked by Muslim Extremists doesn't matter. She declared that President Obama spending nearly two weeks lying about the matter so that he would be more likely to get elected to a 2nd term doesn't matter. She declared that President Obama using the IRS to block conservative groups from acquiring tax-exempt status to prevent those groups from promoting their views (so President Obama would be more likely to get elected to a 2nd term) doesn't matter. The list goes on and on and on. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are both guilty of fraud and treason against the U.S.; and that does matter.
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Is Your 5-Year-Old Transgender?

WHW2 Wrote: May 22, 2012 9:13 AM
That is correct. A child at the age of two has no idea of sexuality. The parents instilled the concept that the girl was a boy. Children don't establish any real idea of individual sexuality until pubirty. The childs genes will take care of the rest after that.
The United States Government can replace cash with debit cards. The vast majority of Americans have already gone with an essentially cashless transaction system. For people who don't have checking accounts, the government can establish some type of debit card for them to use. IRS refund? The government can send you a debit card. Many stores already do this when they issue a refund. Those refund cards can be established in such a manner that you can deposit money into those cards just like you would if you had a checking account. Since any purchase you make on that debit card is registered, no one will be able to hide what they purchased. Drug dealers? You're out of luck.
Nope. The big news is that Democrats have established a separate Social Security numbering system so they can give billions of dollars in benefits to illegal immigrants.
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