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Madalline must be what 75 now? I didn't even know you could buy pink spray paint, LOL, and I agree, her taste of fashion was quite eccentric. Hillary has been looking tired these days, probably due to many restless nights.
My hero is GOD, and I do not idolize any man or woman! But I will support those who support our Constitution and Freedoms and the individual that wipes their a$$ with it continuously!
Defacing public property is NOT "Free Speech" twitter tweet! I am Egyptian American she spouts, enough said, don't need to hear anything more from this hypocrite!
Little premature aren't you? But honestly, talking to you and the rest of the leftist is like talking to a brick wall. Truth is, if Obama wins, all you diehard supporters will have no one else to blame except yourselves when the economy tanks out. But I am confident you will still have the audacity to claim it's all Bush's fault 4+ years and running!
Opps, I was wrong, Romney paid 42 percent of 2011 income in taxes and charity, 14.5% to taxes the rest to charity.
@Gordon, with all your Anti-Romney rhetoric I have seen you post, one could suspect that you had invested interest in Obama's re-election!
So you judge him because you think he should have given more of his money to other VA hospitals huh? Romney has mentioned in several interviews that he donates at least 35% of his income to charity! But that's still not good enough for you I take it, you aren't happy until you beat him down some more! Well I hope you walk the walk better than you talk the talk and that YOU donate at least 35% of your income to charity!
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