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What is With Illinois?

Whoknows Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 8:11 AM
Once again I say, when you let people who do not contribute to society vote, you are making a huge mistake. You cannot let thise people decide who is going to run your town, city, county or country. They will always go for the guy most likely to give the free stuff. It is a no brainer. The problem lies in we cannot even ask fo ID at the voting booths without being asccused of racism, which is really stupid. It is not like we are only going to ask people of color.

Living in California, it is difficult to find fault with other states. California has 12% of the US population, but over 30% of the nation's welfare recipients. California recently voted to increase the tax burden - actually, some non-tax paying Californians decided to raise taxes on other tax paying Californians - on both individuals and corporations. California is the land of job killing Cap And Trade. It is the land of corruption, so ingrained it's generational, political and moral graf.

Illinois is closing in fast.

Standard & Poors recently lowered Illinois' credit rating from A to A-, which puts it in...