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The Color-Blind Child of the 1960s

Whoknows Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 6:45 AM
Most people today have no real idea of how much damage the hippies of the 60's did to our country. They were, for the most part lazy, dopers, beggars, against the Gov. and law officers. Their influence on their children has affected society in the way that they think, that being the Gov. owes them everything, without them contributing anything. They are stupid enough to think the Gov. should be able to protect them at all times, thus they are against gun owners ( who know better ). They are the first people to want to sue someone for some petty thing, clogging up our courts with their nonsense. I sure wish there was a place for hard working conservatives to go and fend for themselves and let the libs fend for themselves. Does anyone

According to CNS News, the Department of Public Instruction in Wisconsin is “instructing” its white volunteers for VISTA to do a bit of self examination before they go to work with impoverished people of color. And apparently a good dose of guilt is what the department has in mind. (Never mind the ominous, Orwellian ring that the name “Department of Public Instruction” has to it.) The DPI  apparently wants to raise its volunteers awareness that they are white and thus privileged, and should apparently be ashamed of it. How that builds espirit de corps, I don’t know. Depressed,...