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Parents Let Teens do Stupid Things

Whoknows Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 9:54 AM
So these worthless parents did not go to jail? What kind of crappy law enforcement is that?
Dr_Zinj Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 11:08 AM
Short of maliciously burning their kids with cigarettes, putting kids in the ICU because they left a sock on the floor, shooting kids up with heroin while they are sleeping, or shooting your kids dead for picking their nose, parents should never go to jail.

Every parent does the very best job they can raising their kids with the resources they have available.
Every one of them.
Should a parent be punished because they're not a genius, or they're not a saint, or they didn't have the opportunity to get a degree in parenting, or they had crappy examples from their own parents?
A parent's sole duty is to teach their child to survive. The failure of a child to do so is more than enough punishment for a parent.

Mom-blogger Ursula Hennessey, writing last week at, questioned the lax supervision provided by too many parents of teens. A recent story in her local paper recapped an alarming incident in which nine high school students were found in one of the teen’s garage, drinking beer and setting up for an evening of drinking games.

They were caught thanks to neighbors who complained about the loud music emanating from the property. Here’s the kicker: The homeowners (read: parents) were inside their house, just across the driveway.

“What gives?” Mrs. Hennessey wonders. “How is it possible for parents to be so clueless...