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Obama Plays Capone on Sequestration

Whoknows Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 8:15 AM
You are both missing the real point and that is there are too many dumbasses, that believe the sky is falling. We would not have anywhere near the problem we have now if all the people who did not or would not fall this B.S. would have gotten out and voted. There was at least 3 million ( more than likely way more ) Republicans that did not vote.

We had an abundance of housing reports released this past week that were all positive. From my vantage point the improving market is steady but slow, however you could be mistaken if only reading the headlines from the liberal press.

Pending home sales hit nearly three year high. New Home sales rise almost 16%. Home prices rise 6.8%. Existing home sales edge higher, inventory at 13 year low. All headlines from the press the preceding week.

Yes pending home sales reached a level not seen since the tax credits from the Stimulus were about to expire in April...