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Wow.... I'm a total lib from California and even I recognize that me MUST share English as a common language if we're going to keep this country together.
Interesting pole... but in the pole that counted people voted for Obama and Obamacare... You Lost Get over it Come to the center or become irrelevant.
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Reclaiming Popular Culture

whitezombie1965 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 3:04 AM
You guys don't get it... Mitt was painted as being for the rich, because he is for the rich.. people can see the truth. GOP problem is that they cannot count on white people to drive electoral victories as they once did... Republicans must capture more additional demographics... interesting question is who will it be?
Next governor of California?
OK for you to have a pro choice VP like Condi?
You really need to cut down on the grammatical mistakes when you set off to disparage another person's intelligence Mike.
that's good ascii art!
Already lives in Nevada.. close enough
I believe that you wanted to you the contraction here "you're" (you are) instead of the possessive "your".
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