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Muslim presidents help out fellow Muslims, especially when they're stealing American money to do it!
Tuttle, Hispanics, if nothing else, are not cowards and will take on the blacks when they screw with them. You'll notice blacks are very careful when it comes to dissing Hispanics, or especially screwing with thier women becuase those guys will kill them, and they know it. This is why so many white women are raped. White men do absolutely nothing about it, and neither does the law anymore.
If you're talking about my screen name, it makes plenty of sense. Effectively, white men have been politically neutralized and are now being denied a seat at the table for all intents and purposes. - right along with Christians. They may make the money, but it's now being "made" only by those white boys playing the crony capitalism game and paying off the Nazis now running things.
Say hello to Obama for me, you leftist fraud.
Is this supposed to be news?
Rowly, if in 1858, anyone had told ANYONE in this country that within 2 years we would have a civil war and over 500,000 Americans would die fighting each other, they would have put you in the looney bin - literally. I submit to you that things are far, far more out of control right now, this very minute, than those months leading up to the civil war. Moreover, these people in government who are quickly becoming our deadly enemies are infinitely more dangerous, dishonorable, murderous and merciless than any southerner ever dreamed of being - either before the war or during it.
Anne1, I often think many conservatives live in la la land and do not havea clue as to what we are facing. I repeat - THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS IN NOVEMBER IF OBAMA AND THE REST OF HIS NAZIS THINK THEY WILL LOSE. They have this foolish idea that it is still the 50s or something and this country is still basically full of decent people - well it's not.. and good people more often than not lose or die losing.
It is not a question of whether this election will be stolen, but by how many votes. And, of course, Boehner will retire to the Tanning Salon while his constituents either starved, are imprisoned or m******* by this Nazi Regime. The rest of these pussies we sent to congress will start saying Heil Obama for fear of being locked up or worse.
Buck Ofama and the horse he rode in on.
Nope, not a one. As Ronado Magnus once remarked, the eleven scariest words in the English language are, "I am from the government, and I am here to help."
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