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High Culture Belongs at Inaugurations

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 10:01 AM
This is true. The reason discardable pop has become the standard in many churches is the three major secular publishers (the Michael Jackson Company dba Sony ATV, Vivendi Universal, and Warner Music Group) control the majority of church music publishers today, and there is virtually no theology in the music of today's bad pop. John MacArthur has a great commentary on the decline of church music in the past 150 years.
In the days since the second Obama inauguration, I've been thinking about Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce. No, not the great lip-synching controversy, but the choice of popular entertainment for a solemn national rite.

That Beyonce apparently lip-synched her beautiful rendition of the national anthem is a triviality. It's cold on the steps of the Capitol and even the greatest singer might have trouble sounding good in those conditions. Kelly Clarkson apparently sang live (and perhaps paid a price in quality). Four years ago, at Obama's first inauguration, a quartet consisting of Yo-Yo Ma, Yitzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill (it sounds...