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Cars & Movies

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 6:52 AM
It's J-I-M-M-I-E. And Daytona showed the difference between doing your own equipment and relying on others do build equipment. The powerful Gibbs and Waltrip Toyotas had their waterloo from relying on Toyota's factory in California to build the engines that failed; the Hendrick Holdens, on the other hand, have equipment that is built in their Charlotte factory to their standards. The power relies on those who are self-reliant, as we saw.
Since then Sen. McCain has embraced Mixed Martial Arts after the development of the Unified Rules developed. If it wasn't for the late wrestling champion Jeff Blatnick (1984 gold at the Olympics), who formed the core of the Unified Rules. Rules legal before the Unified rules included hair-pulling, small-joint manipulation, headbutts, groin strikes, kicks to a downed opponent and strikes to the back of the head and neck. Boxing was far different in the era before the London Prize Ring Rules, which later gave way to the well-known Marquis of Queensberry Rules Pre-Unified Rules MMA and post-Unified Rules MMA are different.
Eleven years ago on this day I began taking voice lessons. I have learned the seriousness of the music, and the importance of masterpieces. There's a difference between Michael and Serena LaRoche singing and a Beyonce Knowles singing. Give me the classically trained couple!
This is true. The reason discardable pop has become the standard in many churches is the three major secular publishers (the Michael Jackson Company dba Sony ATV, Vivendi Universal, and Warner Music Group) control the majority of church music publishers today, and there is virtually no theology in the music of today's bad pop. John MacArthur has a great commentary on the decline of church music in the past 150 years.
I'll also think either Joe or Alan Wilson could get the call, or even (gasp!) Bill Connor, a Tea Party favourite who has served in Afghanistan.
This is what happens when the Modern Left takes over the energy policy. The seeds started in California Air Resource Board's Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate (ZEV), and the Democrat veto-proof supermajority on the 2007 energy law that forced Detroit to give up on 6 and 8 cylinder family sedans in favour of 3 and 4 cylinder cars and electric cars. Obama stole GM and Chrysler for contributions to opponents, while Ford took almost $6 billion to push for more electric cars and we don't hear much about the Mondeo Energi or C-MAX, let alone the Ford Focus EV. Why did Pelosi and Reid celebrate in a Toyota Prius?
We have a Pop Culture President who goes by feelings and stars, ignore the numbers and charm them with these big names to win. No need to research. Functional illiteracy.
Obama changed the "military" mission into one to advance the homosexual agenda and that to advance Obama's green agenda. No wonder pork's everywhere now.
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GM to Go Bankrupt Again?

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 9:48 AM
Remember: Obama STOLE GM in 2009 after the Democrat House and Senate rammed down a Cloward-Piven strategy on automakers, AND GM was caught giving $2,100 to Mitt's 2008 campaign while advertising on conservative radio talk shows. They were his first Enemies List victim, and he's intentionally killing the company as payback. When GM's NASCAR teams are now helping Mitt, we know how Obama goes. Of course, Obama has Ford as his chosen "winner" (see their plan sent to Obama being used, full electric cars AND cash for clunkers).
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Stop Subsidizing Stadiums

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: May 21, 2012 7:20 AM
And it's worse when teams start adding seat licences AND taxpayer money. Bank of America Stadium was built in 1995 without taxpayer funds -- seat licences funded the entire stadium.
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Chicago Style Intimidation

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: May 20, 2012 7:44 AM
The disturbing information is Obama did this in 2008; the GM and Chrysler CEO's gave to Mitt in 2008, Ford's didn't, and Obama rewarded the one who didn't (Porkulus purchases and taxpayer dollars to advance his tiny car agenda) and seized the ones who did (for giving to Mitt). That's the evidence.
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