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Our Judicial Dictatorship

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 7:48 AM
Judges are very arrogant today. They want a dictatorship. The majority do not even understand how control of the Senate effectively gives control of judicial nominations, especially in a post-Bork era. Anthony Kennedy was effectively a Biden/Byrd nominee.
Mostly women. And remember that in many large markets (Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee most notably), The View beats free-market Stossel-esque game show host Drew Carey's "The Price Is Right" by a 3:1 margin.
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Here Come the Indian Mascot Killers

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 11:06 AM
Remember after Dear Leader stole General Motors for giving to the wrong guy, the first thing to go was Pontiac -- an Indian name. Yes, that's what we know of liberals and their hatred of Indians.
And they had to compete with premium pay television because the Emmys were being won by the premium pay television (and now Netflix) shows that are much raunchier. The Emmys are saying "raunch is quality".
This is one example of what happens when liberals use the power of Autogol and furthermore Reynolds v. Sims, the Supreme Court case that relegates the upper chamber to becoming a glorified lower chamber. In both chambers (one twice as large as the other), 75% of the seats belong to just two areas -- Los Angeles and the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland). It's no surprise that the 80-seat Assembly passed the absurd bills with such majorities when the population based Assembly is dominated by just two cities, and the upper chamber, controlled by one of the worst Supreme Court decisions of all-time, is also a two-area chamber, with only ten seats offered to the rest of the state. The values of the large urban areas, which are vastly liberal, environmentalist, anti-farming, anti-industry, anti-growth, and humanist, are able to crush dissent with three of every four seats in each chamber controlled by those areas. No wonder there's secession movements in the state.
One interesting angle that we haven't heard with Illinois is the problem with state legislatures in a post-Reynolds v. Sims world. Wasn't it Everett Dirksen who warned how Chicago would dominate Illinois as Cook County could take the majority of the upper chamber and make it a glorified lower chamber, something that the Founding Fathers did not want?
Disclaimers run during sporting event broadcasts: "This programme may not be rebroadcast, retransmitted, or any other use of the pictures, accounts or descriptions of the event without the express written consent of the copyright holder." It airs around the fourth quarter of an NFL or NBA game, middle to late innings of an MLB game, first intermission of an NHL game, or at the end of a NASCAR (including IMSA) race. What happened was these shows are being illegally posted without permission of the copyright holder. That's piracy, pure and simple. After the NFL-ordered breakup of Viacom in an attempt to force MTV to be a separate entity after the Super Bowl XXXVIII "malfunction," Paramount television was given to CBS, which now owns the entire "JAG" franchise, of which is the home of NCIS. Warner Bros owns "Big Bang Theory". Regardless, in each case, there is illegal online piracy. Under international copyright law, it is a crime. Piracy is common in Asia, as we've seen with one case where I reported links to illegally streamed episodes of a Taiwanese dating show with a copyright from FremantleMedia Asia (part of German conglomerate Bertelsmann) were ordered sent to their Los Angeles office. That franchise flopped in the US but the fact the episodes were illegally being streamed without FremantleMedia's permission, and the Los Angeles office can legally report the violations under the Berne Convention. Under Berne, copyrights are guaranteed worldwide.
Dear Leader choosing homosexual activism as Job One. Far different than George W. Bush's Hall of Fame class of 2002 with the three best known civilians -- Hayden Fry, Cal Ripken Jnr, Darrell Waltrip -- are now in their respective sport's Hall of Fame, along with Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops, with Cabinet members filling the slots (though there was a disgraced athlete in the box too).
Dear Leader is a "big city" President. We elected a Sandinista in New York and a Socialist in Seattle. They have a $15 per hour wage floor. And we here in SC just elected a Oneness Pentecostal whose policies have run more restaurants out of town.
FINA is guilty here too. In international broadcasts, the pictures and graphics are provided by the official World Feed. Since FINA controls the World Feed, they should have inspected the graphics truck to see if Israel was promptly placed. There is a political problem with Taiwan at international sporting events too. The Golf Channel uses an Olympic flag for Yani Tseng.
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