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Dear Leader choosing homosexual activism as Job One. Far different than George W. Bush's Hall of Fame class of 2002 with the three best known civilians -- Hayden Fry, Cal Ripken Jnr, Darrell Waltrip -- are now in their respective sport's Hall of Fame, along with Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops, with Cabinet members filling the slots (though there was a disgraced athlete in the box too).
Dear Leader is a "big city" President. We elected a Sandinista in New York and a Socialist in Seattle. They have a $15 per hour wage floor. And we here in SC just elected a Oneness Pentecostal whose policies have run more restaurants out of town.
FINA is guilty here too. In international broadcasts, the pictures and graphics are provided by the official World Feed. Since FINA controls the World Feed, they should have inspected the graphics truck to see if Israel was promptly placed. There is a political problem with Taiwan at international sporting events too. The Golf Channel uses an Olympic flag for Yani Tseng.
This is an über-Keynesian group advancing their agenda and making us pay for excessive spending.
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The Gay Passion Play Unravels?

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 8:51 AM
The sexual deviants have already used his name on a new Hate Crimes act that criminalises the Bible.
Fifty years ago, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy changed the face of legislatures by working with urban Alabama counties (re: Jefferson) to ban county-based upper chamber districts, claiming they were unfair to the urban areas. The Supreme Court ruled in RFK and the urban counties' favour, and states were forced to redistrict upper chambers based on population. The results, 50 years later, are clear. In many states, mainly blue states, it has become "one area" states. Washington is King County, Colorado is Denver/Boulder, Maryland is Prince Georges/Baltimore, New York is NYC, and the list goes on. Rural counties, which are more conservative than their urban counterparts, lost representation. This is the culprit as the Great Compromise has been banned in favour of leftist-favouring large cities in control.
Here's the problem: The law that Mr. Putin signed is one way to protect against the dangers of child pornography. The homosexual rights lobby's first line of attacks is against churches. In areas where homosexual "marriage" laws have taken effect, the first target is the church, as adoption, foster care, and at-risk youth homes are first targeted. The next is likely soup kitchens run by churches, and further will be speech codes where calling the lifestyle a sin, as in Leviticus 18 and Romans 1, are declared hate speech and can put a minister in prison. We've seen the chilling effects of such laws in those states, and even nationally with federal hate crimes laws. In barring homosexual activists from pushing the wares in schools and youth is a way of saying, "Your sinful lifestyle, and your government replaces God humanism is not welcome here." What we are seeing from certain people (Obama included) is a false narrative to force full acceptance of a sinful lifestyle as normal, when it is not. Putin is right to prevent what will become religious persecution, as we've seen here, with the homosexual lobby.
The ulterior motives of homosexual activists is to shut the church down, turn them into toothless social clubs, where government takes over their duties.
What has sadly happened over the past 20 years since the development of HBO is as the cable networks are now defeating the broadcast networks in the Emmy Awards, the shows being critiqued as the best by television critics are the raunchiest shows on television are premium channel shows (HBO, Showtime, et al), the broadcast networks are losing ratings to those Pay TV channels. And with that push, since HBO effectively now controls media content with such narrowcasting, liberal developers go the low route and copy HBO with grotesque material. Netflix is going the same route. Now they are starting original series and the raunch factor will grow worse with such series, as shown in House of Cards US and new Arrested Development episodes.
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Cars & Movies

WhiteHatBobby Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 6:52 AM
It's J-I-M-M-I-E. And Daytona showed the difference between doing your own equipment and relying on others do build equipment. The powerful Gibbs and Waltrip Toyotas had their waterloo from relying on Toyota's factory in California to build the engines that failed; the Hendrick Holdens, on the other hand, have equipment that is built in their Charlotte factory to their standards. The power relies on those who are self-reliant, as we saw.
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