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How's That Obamacare Waiver Workin' Out for Ya?

Whitebeard Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 9:59 AM
MacQ: Good morning. I'm walking on eggshells as we speak, trying to care for a man with aspiration pneumonia who should be in hospital...but he was hospitalized earlier this month for a broken hip, and the hospital will have to pay a fine for re-admitting him during the same month - so, he wasn't re-admitted.
MacQ - Texas Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 10:22 AM
So much for healthcare decisions being between you and your doc, eh?

Doctors went to med school to treat illness. Now they find they are just in charge of fitting people into the loopholes of the rules.

More of that nonsense to come. Hospitals now face reductions in their reimbursements that are based on patient satisfaction surveys as well (on which they ask whether there was even one time someone failed to explain something so you fully understood it, whether your room was ever too hot or too cold.)
Exactly two years ago this week, the Obama administration announced it had issued more than 100 waivers en masse to a select group of companies, unions and other health insurance providers seeking relief from the onerous federal health care law. The Obamacare waiver winner's club now totals 2,000. Where are they now?

Answer: In the same miserable boat as every other unlucky business struggling with the crushing costs and burdens of the mandate.

Among the first and most prominent recipients of the Obamacare waivers for favors were large restaurant chains that provide low-wage, seasonal and part-time workers with low-cost health insurance plans called...