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Here's a generalization about California people: "a great many of them are strong proponents of Liberalism." Is that statement "justified?" Not a bit of difference between that statement and what atb wrote.
And here's a hint for careful readers, atb and amy: my post was not SARCASM.
Gee, I wonder if somebody could explain to me why the Arkansas Democrat party is preventing a female black candidate for Governor to speak at a Democrat party function. Could they be racist? Could it be sexism? Could those Democrat party leaders be just like those who hate Jews? Gosh, I wish somebody could explain this to me.
Ok, scrow; it's coming back to me, now, about the shootings in Missouri. Didn't know that he was a former Democratic candidate for Governor.
All hail Caesar Bloomberg! Wonder if God got the memo about his "place in heaven."
You seem confused. Try looking up "anti-communist" and "anti-semite" to see if there is a difference. Hint: there is.
Looks like the war on women started by Billy Boy Clinton continues in Arkansas.
scrow: Since I'm unaware of this, could you elaborate? Thanks.
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