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gw: Do you know if Cassidy has asked to meet with Manness to explore ways in which they could help one another defeat her? Since Cassidy is way ahead of Manness, wouldn't it be appropriate for Cassidy to offer Manness something in return for his support?
Fuzzy: I might agree that the things you listed are "superior" to a border fence; not sure I would agree that they obviate the need for a fence. Again, want you to know that I respect your opinion.
Thank you, Fuzzy. I have claimed for some time that a successful political party has both vision and strategy. I am in almost complete agreement with those whose vision it is to restore America to a Constitutional Republic. But, now that I'm approaching my 8th decade, I have enough experience to know that some bad tasting cough syrup is sometimes necessary to get over an illness. So, I'm willing to let strategy (the bad cough syrup) play the more important role - sometimes. Again, I encourage every patriot to shout from the rooftops what ails our nation. And I know that we won't all agree on the right cure...or how or when to apply it. Hope you have a good day.
Fuzzy: I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and speculate that WJF would probably agree with much of what you have listed and attributed to Ron Paul. As a physician, I can tell you that it's hard not to treat a sick or injured kid at your doorstep...so, I have to agree that the old adage "good fences make good neighbors" is still relevant. Mexico and Central American countries should do more to advance their own economies and take care of their own citizens. Mr. Paul does have a reputation for disagreeing with the need for a defendable border fence.
Fair enough, Fuzzy; and I hope you are situated where you can do just that!
[Ok, once again, TH put up my post (above) without my hitting the Post Comment button.] Yes, I likened the Republican leadership in some ways to a static, survivable illness. You are more pessimistic. So be it, but I would remind you that not a single Republican voted for Ocare, they have fought, successfully, against the "Fairness" Doctrine, and there are some rising stars among them (e.g. Ted Cruz). Those are some of the reasons I see them as much less malignant than the Democrats. Hope you can agree.
mdibrezzo: Thanks for your post and point of view.
A very reasonable summary, WJF.
Fuzzy: Could you accept the possibility that Democrats just want to kill the patient, while some Republicans, at least, have the tools and skill to treat the patient? If that is true, why not elect the Republicans and keep their feet to the fire until they begin administering the treatment?
Sorry to be off topic, here, WJF, but I would like you to check out my post on the Senate races may not be decided on Nov 4 thread. Thanx.
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