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Wherewithall: Although you are probably not going to see this, I feel compelled to answer several of your comments. "The evening and the morning were the..." (see Genesis 1) The Hebrews were commanded to begin their days at sundown; so, yes, Yeshua was resurrected just after sunset on a Saturday, Nisan 18th. He said "as Jonah was in the belly of the great sea creature for 'three days and three nights' He would be in the heart of the earth for 'three days and three nights.'" That happens to be a period of time based on a Hebrew idiom that means a full 72 hours. He died as the Passover lamb on Nisan 14th, a Wednesday afternoon. He was shut up in the tomb as the sun was setting, which began Nisan 15th, the first day of Unleavened Bread, the "High Day." It was in the tomb on Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night...as well as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - a full 72 hours. Thursday evening to Friday evening, Nisan 16th was the Feast of Firstfruits. Friday evening to Saturday evening was the weekly Sabbath - thus, the women had to wait until after 3 "religious" days before they could return to the tomb...which they did on Sunday morning when they discovered He had been resurrected. The texts do NOT say that He was resurrected on Sunday morning; they say that His resurrection was discovered on Sunday morning.
Bear Trax: The best answer to excessive spending on welfare is to end welfare...i.e. "tough love" in which "millions of additional poor babies" wouldn't be conceived in the first place. Otherwise, non-governmental charity is always available to the neediest. Welfare enables poverty.
Liberals like Mr. X (see comment at 9:32 AM) believe that a preborn human being is "part of the Mother's body." That, of course, is an outrageous political statement not based on the biological facts of life. I propose that we counter it with an equally outrageous law: Abortion supporters must have a device resembling an umbilical cord sutured to their umbilical stump, and it should have a doll like structure...we'll call it a "mommy doll"...at the end - since a Mother, obviously, is part of a preborn human being's body.
The Arkansas Democrat Party will not allow a Democrat, black, female candidate for Governor to speak at a Democrat Party function. Is the Arkansas Democrat Party racist, sexist, or both?
Mr X: Liar. Conservatives don't prevent women from making their own choices...about their own bodies. Conservatives believe no one...man, woman, or child...has the right to murder anyone - including a preborn human being still gestating in its mother's uterus.
"White people are 'potential' humans; they have not evolved, yet." Louis Farrakhan Hey, Mr. non-racist POTUS, why don't we give Louie some kind of medal.
Mr. X: You realize that you just described most homosexuals as heterophobic, right?
Mark: See my reply to OFF, above. Whether or not politicians raise tax rates is unrelated to the nature of the tax or how it is collected.
OFF: Thanks for looking at the site. I have to point out one error in your reply, however. I agree that a "progressive" tax rate usually means "the more you make, the higher your tax RATE." But that is not the case with the transaction tax. The rate is the same for every transaction. Currently, buyers and sellers in the stock/bond markets pay NO tax at all. And with respect to your last paragraph, the same is possible with every kind of tax one could imagine...whether or not the taxes are "hidden." In fact, I would add .005% to the .035% to pay off the debt.
ITSTLN: The flat or fair tax have had much more publicity, and I would not be opposed to them, since they are improvements on the current system. But after researching the transaction tax, I became convinced that it was the fairest and easiest system. I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to check out apttax.com for a brief review. Have a great day.
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