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By gum, I think you're on to something, Psydoc.
Yeah, in his demented mind, I'm sure he thinks he's "healed the planet," since he thinks America is the disease - or scourge on humanity, to use your words.
Hey, DTL, I'm with gw and really liked the moniker "LieAllahtah" H. Obama.
Abandoned by his father, raised by Communists and Muslims, spends his youth getting stoned or snorting coke, lies about his legal residency, doesn't have the money to attend college (but someone supports him), uses blackmail to obtain political power, votes "present" more than yes or no, gets elected to the highest office in the land because of the number of melanin cells in his skin - what the heck do you expect? An honorable POTUS? He was a Manchurian candidate from the getgo. Every action he has taken (or failed to take) has weakened the United States of America.
No doubt it would be an uphill battle, MacQ, but I don't give a hoot what the rest of the world thinks. Islam is NOT a religion as I understand the concept. The tenets of their "faith" include exhortations to brutalize, enslave, or kill non-believers. Such a "religion" is completely counter to our Constitution and the concept of individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Islam should be redefined and not considered to be a 'religion."
Hey, MacQ, I've mentioned, before, that my 93 year-old FDR loving Iowa Mother has voted Democrat all her life. Yesterday, I called her and suggested that she vote for Joni Ernst for Senate. She protested that Ms. Ernst has an ad that shows her with a gun! I explained that there would have been more than one beheading in Oklahoma had a man with a gun not shot him. There was a verrrrrry long pause...before I continued to say that Ms. Ernst is, only, standing up for our 2nd Amendment right to self defense. I think I finally got her to think about it, rationally; and MAYBE she'll vote for a Republican for the first time in her life! As they say, hope springs eternal.
Yeah, but Satan couldn't say "the devil made me do it." [Apologies for the snidery.]
I don't know where you live, Jingo, but based on what you say I would encourage you to lobby your representatives to pass legislation that would ban the instruction of Islam in your state's jails and prisons.
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