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Can’t Promote Freedom Abroad as it Disappears at Home

Whitebeard Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 2:04 PM
Radical: See my post of 1:52. The insurance companies lose some of their economic freedom when the Feds and States dictate Liberal talking points to them. It increases their costs...which they pass along to you. Furthermore, the bigger firms managed to lobby/corrupt state legislators to limit competition. Without government interference, health care costs would be, about, 12% to 13% of our economy. How bout you take a course in the consequences of Liberalism.
Baseball player Yogi Berra once said “you can see a lot just by looking.”

Simple wisdom, that President Obama is not likely to heed. In order to see you have to want to look at the truth that’s actually out there.

With reality so different from how our president wishes to portray it, he has little interest in seeing things as they really are.

The president delivered a “Kumbaya” appeal this past week to the current session of the United Nations General Assembly. The pitch, about peaceful resolution of disputes, tolerance, and free speech, was...