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Brain-lock Inside The Beltway

Whitebeard Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 8:47 AM
"America" is sick in the head...and heart. The head has been rotting for a long time, and millions of voters are in "love" with this fake president. All the signs are there: worshipful adoration, he can do not wrong, he's our "lord and savior," etc. Millions of women, literally, are "in love" with him. And the "head" (i.e. Washington) encourage this disease as long as it distracts us from reality: he's (they are) not so attractive, he (they) make lots of mistakes, he (they) live in a fantasy world, etc.

It's at times like this I'm ashamed to admit I live inside the Beltway.

Well, that's probably not specific enough since I'm usually ashamed to admit I live inside the Beltway.

Still, the second you try to explain the stupidity of this "fiscal cliff" fiasco to a normal person, it makes William F. Buckley's famous declaration that he'd rather be governed by the first few hundred people listed in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard seem all the more reasonable.

While there are some responsible politicians and policymakers in Washington, if you look at the whole place...