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An Evangelical Pope?

Whitebeard Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 10:09 AM
Soliton: Good morning. I have no desire to argue with you about your faith. I don't know if what I wrote is a "usual protestant argument," but language is language. For example, the Greek word petra is feminine and could not be a reference to Peter for that reason, alone. Secondly, John uses the "I am" metaphor 7 times: I Am...the bread of life, the light of the world, the door of the sheep, the good shepherd, the resurrection and life, the true and living way, the true vine. John did not mean that Yeshua, literally, was bread, light, a door, or a vine.

The media, including some in the Christian media, throw around the word evangelical with little understanding of its proper definition. Most recently, the media has done this in referring to Pope Benedict XVI as the “Evangelical Pope.”

In an attempt to say he’s a missionary-minded Pope, or a proselytizing Pope, they impart a title that would probably make him most uncomfortable.

I have a deep respect for Pope Benedict. Respect for his impressive intellect. Respect for his strong stand on moral issues. Respect for his belief in the uniqueness of Jesus Christ for salvation. Respect for his levelheadedness in understanding other...