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MSNBC: Romney Campaign is Racist For Responding to Obama "Revenge" Comment

Whit Chambers Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:13 AM
Tingle Matthews is an idiot..... that is an established fact. When you get to the end of an election/race, look to see who is doing the name-calling and airing negative ads....... that will be the side that is losing. In this race, Obama is doing the name-calling and Romney is talking about the future. This thing is over, and Romney has won. 1 more day and we kick Obama to the curb!

Last week, President Obama said "voting is the best revenge" during his closing argument. In response, Mitt Romney said people should "vote for love of country," not revenge. Now, MSNBC is actually arguing that the Romney campaign is racist for responding to Obama's "revenge" comments and that Romney is the one pushing a theme of revenge.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews, unaware that President Obama was the originator of the phrase "voting is the best revenge," accused Mitt Romney of starting it because of racial animosity.

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