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DC Misses Another Layup

whisperatnight Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 5:55 AM
Dear Mr. Ransom, What in the words Agenda 21 do you not understand? The WORLD ELITE are not interested in free markets or anything FREE. They are only interested in total control as stated in their AGENDA 21 documents. IT IS TIME TO STOP WITH ALL THIS TALK OF "IF POLITICIANS WOULD DO THIS OR THAT" START DEMANDING IMPEACHMENTS NOW!!
Pistol Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 6:11 AM
Its gone past the point of impeachment, or any other clean up initiated and enforced by the elitist/statists now holding most political seats and controlling the political process. They are never going to derail their gravy train by voting for stuff like term limits, or by punishing crooks even from the other party. No one wants to rock the boat, so long as they themselves are getting rich and privileged. Any reform will come from the bottom up, just as it always has. More often than not, these are violent and bitter.

First the bad news: In a basketball shoot around witnessed by reporters Obama missed 20 of 22 shots including a layup. On the brighter side, North Korea is restarting its shuttered nuclear facility in order to process weapons grade nuclear material to target the US; the Cyprus contagion has not abated, but seems to be spreading; factory orders fell in the US and Europe; and unemployment remains little changed-- except for all those people who stopped looking for work.

No wonder the S&P 500 is making new highs.

As the world runs from one man-caused-crisis to another, something...