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You might want to visit the works of Thomas Szasz. There is no trade off, in my estimation, between denying the non-violent mentally ill their civil rights, and freeing society of its most dangerous. There are coercive and oppressive features of psychiatry that ARE provable, as there are many psychotropic drugs that do great harm. We can at least agree upon that as a starting point.
The problem with assuming that re-institutionalizing the mentally ill is that we are asking that a society accept as right and just to lock up an individual, even when that individual has done no harm to anyone, including himself. Can an ostensibly free and open society lock up individuals, and coerce "treatments", often with drugs that do great harm over time? The discussion to be had is not a medical one, but a moral-legalistic one, as it is the psychiatric enterprise, sanctioned by the state, that holds considerable power to abridge personal liberties, in the name of "medical necessity". Who will decide, and under what fixed circumstance(s), who should be institutionalized? The implications, of locking people up, for no crime committed, should be troubling. And this is no solution.
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The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Whiff1962 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 11:36 AM
Where does it say it took him six years? And the fact is is that it took time for the administration to do its deeds for all to see.
This fall from grace is long time in coming.
A case of liberal projection, as it usually goes. The whole of the left's position is one of appealing, foremost, to emotionalisms, not fact and their consequences.
Radical Taliban Conservatives? Really? Who denied this POS a fair trial? You might look to your own Democratic party, past and present, to see where miscarriages of justice have happened.
Actually, Canada is even more intolerant.
Got a dog in on this fight, I take it?
I disagree with this article: god did not create beer. LOL
The guy has billions, and anyway, he needs to feel good about himself, in a fashion that makes liberals feel good. Drop in the bucket, indeed.
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There Is A Good Case For Reparations

Whiff1962 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 5:08 PM
Yeah, but the liberal apologist will imply that this was a white on white crime. Nothing to see, move along...
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