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The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI

Wherewithall Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 9:07 AM
The 42nd Jubilee period is right around the corner beginning early in 2015. Each Jubilee period is 18,000 days or 50 (360) day periods. This is calculated from his conception in December of 8 BCE. His birth took 290.5 days. This divided by 7 gives you 41.5 weeks. Convert to Jubilee periods and you have the year 2040. The final 7 years could be as late as 2040-2047 with 17.5 years remaining in the Jubilee period which equals 5 sets of 1260 days written in various forms. That is the number of times it is written in the book of Revelation. The rapture could occur as early as 14 years into the 42nd Jubilee period which is when the 6th seal is opened.

The media, of course, is calling it a resignation. But it not so much a resignation of a political office as it is a renunciation. The 85-year old pontiff’s decision to renounce the power and prestige of the papal office is so unexpected, almost unprecedented, as to take the world by surprise.

Of course, we Americans of all people can understand what thoughts must have coursed through Pope Benedict XVI’s mind as he prayed about this weighty decision. We saw this kind of renunciation with our first president, George Washington. He did not leave the presidency before his second term expired,...