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There used to be a third group...abortion SURVIVORS. There are very few now because it is legal to plunge a scissors into their brain stem.
I would like to know the percentage of abortions which are because of rape or incest. I have NO DOUBT that the vast majority are just for convenience.....the main thing being to have more sex with no responsibility.
Rape and incest; the only crime wherein one of two victims can execute the other.
Go ahead and leave, you un-American company, and take your 'rainbow whopper' with you.. Take your rude employees and your cockroaches when you go.
I may not be a climatologist, but I do have a little common sense. The 'little ice age' lasted from about 16th to 19th century. It stands to reason that the temperature would rise when it was over..or else, it was over because the temperature rose. I am so tired of people shouting "the sky is falling", and thinking that if the public gives them enough money, they can do something about it.
I remember my dad saying that unions would destroy Detroit. He didn't live to see the final result but he was right.
Judging: Means saying "You are going to hell because you do not believe what I believe." Teaching: Saying, "Read, here in the Bible where God condemns certain behavior" Can you see the difference? I certainly hope so.
Why can't we just tell the truth and call them criminal invaders?
Watch out! that pop-tart might go off!
Mixed messages lead to totally mixed-up kids. Politicians can't even decide what THEY want.
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