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How Obama Earned My Doctorate

What'sUp Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 12:31 PM
I don't think he will grow out of it, Mike. The power is to intoxicating. Also, whenever he makes states, it is Gospel truth - there's no taking back the words from the anointed one. They are perfect in every way, since they eminate from man's perfect expression, BHO. You have a brain and a conscience that work symbiotically together to filter out the filth and evil that is the left. BHO has a brain and calling that is hell-bent on destroying this goodly and healthy existence that is the USofA. It's been brewing since the 60's revolution.
eddie again Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 12:59 PM
personally, i believe obama suffers from an extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

accordingly, nothing will ever get through to him except that he is the ONE and those who disagree with him about that are his enemies.

there is a reason members of the scotusa and members of the u.s. congress fear him.
Dear President Obama:

I’m still reeling from your recent remarks about small business owners in America. With one sweeping generalization, you stated that those of us who have had successful businesses did not earn that success. Instead, you insist that someone else made it happen for us. I’ve written to tell you my story in the hopes that you will see the foolishness of your unproven assertions.

Back in 1989, I decided to pursue a PhD in Criminology. I was nearing the end of my Master’s program in Psychology. I had a teaching assistantship that paid a...