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VIDEO: “Taxation Nation: Angelo’s Story”

WhatsGoingOn Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:53 AM
Corporate Taxes The U.S. economy’s 35 percent corporate tax rate is among the highest in the industrial world, reducing the ability of our nation’s businesses to compete in the global economy and to invest and create jobs at home. By limiting investment and growth, the high rate of corporate tax also hurts U.S. wages. Cut the corporate rate to 25 percent Strengthen and make permanent the R&D tax credit Switch to a territorial tax system Repeal the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

Today, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) released a new video highlighting the devastation President Obama’s proposed tax hike on small communities and businesses. The video features restaurant owner-operator Michael Passalacqua, of Washington, PA making his case against the proposed raises.

“My family has been in business for 73 years and I truly see us as a fabric of the community. This economy is just absolutely teetering and raising taxes on anybody at this particular time seems to me to be relatively foolish.”

House Majority Whip McCarthy, agrees with Mr. Passalacqua, and will be leading the...