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That's horrible, but it's nothing compared to his suing entire states for DNC political gain.
Dave, what the hell are you talking about? Indy isn't a lib, and neither am I. You vote who you want, but the independents and potential crossover Dems are the subject here.
"She endorsed Gingrich." Palin's not known for intelligence.
I agree with that. GOP voters are going to walk on broken glass to the voting booths to vote Obama out, and Sarah does nothing to get Independents or crossover Dems; on the contrary.
I never saw Rove pisssing on a dead woman. Joe Septic's wife's memory was not only pisssed on, they shiaat on her grave. That's below the gutter. The Obama team are in the sewer line.
Good. He has done nothing but turn the DOJ into a political hit squad for the DNC. I know some of the shiaat is 'necessary' for them, but come on, he's gone way overbaord with using the department for politics, which also means overboard not doing the job of the people because they were too bust with the politics.
Good move. Sometimes one can be more effective for the cause on the ground and not on the stage. Sarah has had enough stage to last a lifetime, and she is good on the ground.
Great line. He should have added that we don't want to stay in that gutter Obama got us into, but instead want to grow out of it; growing the economy and jobs.
"Romney-Ryan Ticket Puts Entitlement Crisis at Center of Campaign" Which is dumber than dumb. Growing the economy and creating jobs is what should be at the center of the campaign. Ya, "I want to make you work longer and cut your pay down to......., along with cutting your benefits" will go over like a lead balloon on Nov. 6. Sure, some people think this should be at the center of the campaign, but to me, it's stupid, and a sure way to lose. And spare me the, we have to be honest bs. You don't have to lie, but you also don't have to cut your own throat. Making the center of the campaign about growth, not cuts, is how you win to get in to do what's gotta be done. Otherwise, you don't get in.
That said, if they get in and trim as needed, well do so. But campaigning on it will not get them in.
Running on cutting anything is stupid. To do so is political suicide regardless of what some say. You go ranting you want to make people work longer, or cut their pay down to......... don't expect their vote. They need to run on the idea of growing, not cutting. We need jobs. Run on growing the economy and creating jobs.
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