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Then again, they voted McCain as the nominee, then clapped like clowns over Palin who ..................... Well, with Palin we could have saved the country a lot of money with briefcases and writing paper. She could have just written the launch codes on her hand. Damn. I love the GOP, but it is being hijacked by morons. No different than the morons who have hijacked the DNC. But, Romney is a great candidate for president, and this is not time for a third party. Though, the GOP better step-up it's game before it goes that way. Stop catering to morons.
I know the Dems have a shiaatload, but I didn't think the GOP had that many.
"Paul Ryan would have crushed Romney if he had been running against him in the primaries this year." Are there that many stupid people in the GOP for that?
The liberals in Mass. gave Romney an F for the way he voted, he cut taxes, honed government and grew the private sector, while balancing the budgets each year, killing a massive deficit, leaving a massive surplus and a rainy day fund, while keeping unemployment below the national average which was low. For the record;
Get it right; Romney's record is conservative, while Ryan's isn't. The only way to make lemonade out of selecting a lemon for VP is to use Ryan as an example. The Dems have raved that the GOP in Congress have blocked their progress and want Obama to look bad. Ryan voted for the GM and Chrysler bailout, TARP (Frank and Dodd housing fiance/banking bailout), NDAA, both stimulus bills, and a lot of other Dem bills, so that's bs.
I really hope Romney wins, but that is a rather limited assessment.
You can bet a few extreme loons in the GOP pushed Ryan on Romney because they want a "conservative". Little do the morons know that Ryan voted for TARP, NDAA, BOTH stimulus bills, the GM and Chrysler bailout, Medicare Part D, and a ton of other stuff the extreme loons raved against. They never bothered to do their homework, which is why politicians suck; dopes are the ones who rule who gets in. Obama is proof of that on the left. Romney is a great candidate who's really needed for America, and for us to lose the chance............ it looks like this is the era of hope.
"You cannot run by appealing to those who are going to vote for you anyway." Bingo. The GOP voters will walk on glass to oust Obama, yet Romney allowed himself to be roped by conservatives to take "he wants to throw granny over the cliff" Ryan who has no national security experience, which is needed on the ticket. That was stupid. But the GOP nominating McCain in '08 was also stupid; it led to a guaranteed Obama. Rice was the one, then Powell, then a female governor. Romney needed the national security and the women and the Dem people of color to crossover or sit it out. Now the Dems have Ryan to rile their people who would have been difficult to rile with Rice, Powell, Susana Martinez, stupid, stupid, stupid.
Romney's plan closes loopholes on the rich; something Obama and the DNC campaigned on but did not deliver. On the contrary, DNC donors got extra loopholes to pay zero taxes while making record profits, and GE is not the only one; there's about 50 of them, and many got ObamaCare waivers. Why would anybody want ObamaCare waivers? For the same reason the Dems who forced it on the nation made sure it did not affect their Cadillac health care plans; it sucks and it raises premiums significantly. The author of the bill gave a low-ball estimate of 19-30% by 2016, depending on your state. How the hell else are they going to cover illegal aliens with it. That's right, hidden in the 2,000 plus pages is a loophole to cover illegals.
Wrong, and you know it, you lying pos. You know Romney's plan gives that break to taxpayers with AGI below $200,000 only.
That's horrible, but it's nothing compared to his suing entire states for DNC political gain.
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