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Registered voters aged 65 to 74 are only 12 percent of all Americans, and how many of them are registered Democrats who will only vote Democrat? Old people don't change easily, and the "throwing granny over the cliff" stigma Ryan has does not help. Please, if we are to win, focus on growing the economy and jobs, and get off riding the third rail. I can see answering to questions about it, but riding on it? Come on. Give it a rest.
renny, the republicans will vote Republican; it's the Independents and potential crossover Dems, while not riling the Dems to the voting booths that is the concern. 55 million registered Repubilcans to 74 million registered Democrats It doesn't take an Einstein to do the math on this one.
Sorry, but I see the top 10 plus pieces/articles here at TH and not a one is headlined for growth or jobs.
You ought to be looking for your daddy's pair and get them back in his sack. Or is it you don't know where or who he is?
They may want to make history again, too......... suckers love that one. Ryan was a bad choice, but we need to make lemonade when served a lemon. He voted for TARP (Frank/Dodd bailout), both stimulus bills, the GM and Chrysler bailout, so use him as an example to prove the GOP in Congress didn't obstruct the Dem's policies; on the contrary. We tried their way, we even helped; it didn't work, and now it is time for our ideas and plan. This is all we have with this one.
They could pull Sillary out of their hat, who has national security experience, so....................
Fix it when you get in, but yapping about it will not get you in. Most people do not listen to what we do; they do not sift through; they see the numbers; jobs; growth, or lack of. Growth sucks, and so does the jobs numbers. Pound away on them, then fix the other when you get in. If not, you don't get in to even begin to fix anything.
Geez, let's ride the third rail. DUH! The GOP should not be making the third rail the center of the campaign. Growing the economy and jobs should be all the GOP should talk about. Trying to convince the needed middle that Obama wants to cut, when the GOP talks about cutting, and they know Obama grew entitlements, looking for the one piece of whatever in the pile, is stupid. Keep it simple, stupid; Focus on growing the economy and jobs.
Obama sucks. He is the worst president in history.
Then again, they voted McCain as the nominee, then clapped like clowns over Palin who ..................... Well, with Palin we could have saved the country a lot of money with briefcases and writing paper. She could have just written the launch codes on her hand. Damn. I love the GOP, but it is being hijacked by morons. No different than the morons who have hijacked the DNC. But, Romney is a great candidate for president, and this is not time for a third party. Though, the GOP better step-up it's game before it goes that way. Stop catering to morons.
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