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I really like the last statement "Ok, the last one really isn’t about Holder resigning. It’s about a much better option: Fire Obama."
He could be right, on the other hand it does not take all of the people he is talking about to push this through. After all look how many it took to remove prayer from school and change freedom of religion to freedom from religion or to make the gay lifestyle legal and mainstream. It is just that we, that know he is right, do not stand up and push back until we absolutely have to. That is what will make the difference. If enough people that say I'm not going to take it any more and let their voices be heard.
We are told that if we believe that gay marriage and same sex relations are wrong we hate gay people. I can tell you that is not the truth in the minds, hearts, and actions of anyone I know. I know gay people and have family that are gay, I do not hate them nor am I threatened or disgusted by them. I do not believe that their actions are moral or ethical in any way shape or form. In other words I hate the sin but Love the sinner. The reason that is so hard for most people to do is because we are told that we can not do it. Again, we are told it is impossible to love the sinner unless we accept the sin. Please stop listening to the political propaganda and think for your selves from your heart. We are supposed to have freedom "OF" religion
What is odd is that the our rite to keep and bare arms is what keeps us form the slavery he is opposed to. He just can't get past his hatred to see it. No meaningful group today wants to have guns to keep people down and make slaves out of them, except some members of some governments. Just saying
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Why the 2nd Amendment

WhatISaidWas Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 12:52 PM
Our elected representatives that try to make any rules or laws or even speak against our constitution should be tried for treason. Why are we not using this tool. We better!! I challenge our attorneys and judges to get busy!! Do something. Stop just talking about it like there is no solution.
Republicans tell the people on their side of the fence what they want to hear to get elected, then carry out their own agenda. Democrats tell the people on their side of the fence what they want to hear to get elected, then carry out their own agenda. We all loose and will continue to loose until we start at the town level and force our elected servants to follow our constitution as it was intended to be. Everyone is too busy fighting over their party and not paying attention to the real issues. Get over what party your elected servants are and force them to do their job correctly, or fire them.
One of your best articles. Thanks
The UN should have nothing to do with the internal issues of the USA. Period!!!
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Stirrings of Secession

WhatISaidWas Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 7:23 PM
Not sure the purpose of this article. It just states the obvious while downplaying the viability of succession. It really appears that succession from the power that is letting the UN take us over is the only option on the table. We should succeed and then reform using our constitution in its originally intended form.
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Embrace a Thankful and Giving Heart

WhatISaidWas Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 10:29 AM
You put what I believe so well. Thank you.
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