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Thanks, really my point. One of the few things we have left is to vote with our money.......at least for the time being.
Ok, am I the only one that saw the stark humor in the Tim Tebow T-Mobile ads about contract buy-outs? Just seeing the dismal performance by Manning interrupted by the hilarious Tebow ads says it all. Every time an interception was thrown, my husband and I said, good thing they got rid of Tebow!
Well, somebody's watching the left wing movies and actors, because the profits are huge. And as long as there's money to be made, the agenda will continue. The progressives march on and the sheeple pay big bucks to be entertained. I personally know plenty of right-wing, conservative Christians that pay big bucks to watch this junk. If we really voted with our money, it might change.
Make the best investment of your life and homeschool. Home educated children score higher on ALL test scores in ALL subjects. Their "social" skills rank much higher than government school children. Unless, you count using drugs, engaging in porn/sex and mass murder a "social" skill.
This man is one of the biggest racist in the world. And there's a "manifesto"? I'm sure Timothy McVeigh had a "manifesto" too.
my thoughts exactly
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On the Road to Greece?

whatajem Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 3:47 PM
Think: millions of jobs created by drilling, refining, shipping, and selling our own oil and natural gas. Then think of all the service jobs created to support that endeavor. Then think of all the tax revenues that would be created. And thats just the tip of the iceberg for job creation.
They don't believe in diversity, they USE diversity to drive wedges between people. Rich/poor black/white young/old you get the picture
This is a no contest before it even begins.
"Contraception Benefits"? You mean I should be mad that my employer and the federal government does not want to pay for me killing a baby. Why should planned parenthood be funded by my tax dollars? Surely its such an important entity to progressive's that they will be more than happy to fund it. Just put a few billion of the Obama war chest into it. And Mitt most certainly supports equal pay for equal work for women. And he doesn't even make women (Hilary) take the blame for any gross and deadly mistakes.
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