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and asking his cabinet members for ideas? The "blinder" leading the "blindest". There you go. (What would be wrong with asking ideas from scholars, historians, law other words, experts?)
shoot yourself in the foot? We already had one gun/shooting accident with a former VP.
well, we shall see. At least we will see who votes for it and who votes against it. It is about time for members of the house to take some ownership of this negotiating mess and stop having Boehner look like he is the only one working on this. The dems need to be under the spotlight a little more, the president too.
a bunch of crock. The American people are seeing our "President" as he really is. Out to win at any cost. And they also see he is not negotiating in good faith. The only ones blaming the Repubs will be MSM and we're used to that.
he's doing a decent job. When you have a "President" that just says no, no, no and no, then someone has to come up with a Plan B, maybe a plan C. I have not seen Obum-bum's plan at all. The ONLY thing I can tell you about it is "taxes have to go up on those making over $250,000 a year". Who else is tired of that broken record running?
they are "trying" to stop the bleeding but if they can't and Obum-bum get's his way, then that is on his watch. And America is watching him.
or vote thinking it is to bring food into the chamber so they can watch the movie. Oh wait, they already voted on that historic piece. Harry was on his game on that one.
I agree wholeheartedly. These dumb dumbs of both parties didn't take care of this mess two years ago and the whole thing was put on the back burner till after the election. And that was AOK with Obama. Now, they have the nerve to run around and scare the American people half to death in the midst of a holiday season and blame just the Repubs to boot!! What a bunch of Bah Humbugs.
super size is a great way to describe it. When you look at how much we took in each day in November and how much our government spends a day?....we need to shut the American taxpayer's "checkbook" down immediately.
Where was a budget? Harry's budget? Any budget. Even Obama's own party didn't give him one vote to his. Both parties in the house and senate are a joke.
well let them have a try at it. Let anybody else have a try at!
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