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what a waste.
yep, pretty much. Good point.
"Barney Fife" shooting himself in the foot with his only bullet comes to mind.
true, but I'll take a Task Force just on the issue of Benghazi and what happened. And who knew what...and when.
it really is embarrassing. When will Obumbler stop recycling people and put serious people in charge?
great point Tom. I've already sent two emails to media outlets asking them to look into the fact that we now have a Task Force for Gun Control while the admin. has yet to name a Task Force for Benghazi. Join me in writing media outlets, to pick up on this.
yeah..."it's just Joe being Joe". We already know this song and dance.
I sent two emails to news outlets as a tip for a story. Please everyone, do the same!
Richard1088 (below) brought up an excellent point! Where is the Task Force on Benghazi? How easy for Obama to appoint a task force when in his favor but not Benghazi? Join me in writing emails to your favorite media sources asking them to investigate. We need to put a BIG spotlight on this!!
too funny and so sad at the same time. True.
and asking his cabinet members for ideas? The "blinder" leading the "blindest". There you go. (What would be wrong with asking ideas from scholars, historians, law other words, experts?)
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